Cattle rancher


While an education is not required a degree in agricultural managment or livestock health would be beneficial in providing know how for the jobs that will need to be done to ensure your livestock is healthy.

Average salary

While the salary of a cattle barron increases or decreases with the current price of beef, the amount of land you raise on and your ability to produce the livestock necessary. A rancher has many variables that can affect the viability of your operation.

Necessary skills

A cattle rancher must have a practcal knowlege base in a plethora of skills, suck as mechanics, welding, herd life, veternary skills, managment and leadership skills. These must be known or you must pay someone to do a task.

Average work week

Depending on the time of year a cattle rancher must be able to work anywhere between 40- 80 hours a week managing your heard, selling, vaccinating and learning new skills to help to help your herd. You can help to secure a job by inheriting an operation or finding a job on a working ranch
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Daily tasks

1) ensure fencing is in good quality

2) ensure cattle are fed

3) check the health of the herd

4) cull out injured or sickly animals

5) check farm equipment

6) daily up keep of land

7) daily up keep of equipment and tools

A day in the life of a cattle rancher

Your day begins at the crack of dawn, you load up the tools and feed you will need for the day in the back of a pickup, tractor or trailer and begin your daily tasks after checking the fences and the herd, then you pick a task to complete and you work until the task is done or you cannot complete the project for any of a multitudes of reasons. Then you complete the nightly check of the herd and wash up and go to bed in preperation for the next day
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Opportunity for advancement

The cattle ranchers end goal is to make enough money that he can sit back and relax in his later years, if not you have children that you can pass the ranching operation down to

How the industry relates to floral designs

The catlle industry relates to the floral industry because the byproducts of cattle ranching are used as fertilizers for many of the flower growing operations. As an added link the cattle show business purchases flowers as decorations