April 2015 Newsletter

USF aKDPhi, Alpha Alpha

I can't believe this year has come to an end already. It was yet another enjoyable year seeing sisters grow and having the opportunity to share it on these newsletters with the big help of mi presidente, Michelle! We are closing off this year with a throwback-style newsletter. Enjoy!
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Congrats to our new graduates at USF! We are so proud of you girls and we are looking forward to what the future has in store for you! Keep up the work and welcome to alum life.

#64 Nicole "aRietTy"

#65 Jennie "JAWBREAKER"

#66 Dani "Sonadolce"

#68 Jessica "eL*LunAR"

#69 Melissa "AMEthyst"

#74 Nikki "A'veRiTaS"

#76 Monique "JeMmeRi"

We can't forget about those who went above and beyond in their studies as well:

#3 Carines "True Heart," RN BSN

#17 Thi "Bubble," PharmD
#19 Jennifer "Dutchez," RN BSN ARNP
#26 Maggie "cRescenDo," MBA

#31 Maureen "Vintage," MD
#35 Tisha "JamanT-E," OD




Vanessa "Kodak"

Michelle "Lilsakura"

Christine "YeuAna"


Melissa "AMEthyst"


Maria Krinessa "Baby Girl"

Maggie "cRescenDo"

Samantha "CoMpASiTion"

Lili "Q-StellAR"

Avina "J'adorella"


Congrats to our UT - Arlington and CSUSM charters! We are now 50 chapters strong on an international level and will only continue to grow.

Big shoutout to Judy "X.E.N.A." for being UT - Arlington's New Member Educator, as well as to Ate Ro and Cindy for putting together a good show! Congrats to Maggie and Jenny supporting their Charter littles. No matter where USF sisters are, they always put in work for aKDPhi. USF takes over!


#4 Melissa "Limelight"

We love our Charters, don't we?! Here is another Charter who we are very grateful to have. Without her, we wouldn't be here as well. We admire Ate Mel's involvement with PhilFest and sisters are always excited to see her when she is in town. Once again, thank you for starting an eternal sisterhood and still showing such passion to the organization!

What have you done since college? After college I worked at Tampa General Hospital as a Critical Care Nurse in their ICU Float Team for three years. I moved out to San Diego, California last year as an ICU travel nurse and just took on a full time position in the UCSD Health System.

What are you favorite memories of aKDPhi? One of the big sisters I interviewed during the process said that one day I will miss those days. I didn't believe her then, but she was right. My favorite memories of aKDPhi are when I got to know my line sisters and later my kids, the Beta Beauties, during the process. They were tough times, but that's when we were strongest as a class.

Why did you join/start aKDPhi? I was a freshman when Janice, Lerissa, and Angela asked me to join what I thought was an Asian philanthropy group. I told myself in high-school that I would never join a sorority and "pay for friends" so when we got a Bid at University of Houston, I was shocked when they explained to me that we needed to go there for an interview to join a sorority. I almost dropped out, but when I was told we had to be 12 and saw how hard these girls worked, I was inspired by their passion for how much they wanted this and decided to stay for the long haul. And I'm glad I did because it changed my perception of what Greek life is and showed me what true sisterhood can be.

What did aKDPhi teach you? aKDPhi has taught me so much and helped shape me into who I am today. Because of aKDPhi, I gained confidence in myself to pursue my goals and become a leader in my endeavors. I also learned what true sisterhood is and that it is a bond time and distance cannot break. Even with sisters you just meet, there's a bond that has already been formed in our common experiences, and that's one of the wonderful things I admire being a sister of aKDPhi.

What is an interesting fact about you? I started Filipino folk dancing when I was 9 and it's still something I love to do whenever I can travel back to FL. Also the first thing I ever wanted to be was a big sister. I prayed for a sister every night before going to sleep and although my parents were told they were going to have a boy, God must've listened to me because He blessed me with my little sister (who is pictured with me) and I wouldn't trade her for the world.

Words of advice for sisters: Though life can be challenging at times, learn to live life in appreciation and give time to those you love because you never know what life will bring so live it happily.

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Happy 9 years to us! Thanks Charters for paving the way and establishing an everlasting sisterhood for USF. Because of your support and passion, our chapter continues to grow stronger mentally, physically, professionally and emotionally. You have created a home and a great family support system away from our very own homes. Regardless of our hometowns and relocation, you all have created Florida the main home to our hearts, and if we ever feel lost, we know who to turn to. Thank you for teaching us to never leave a sister behind, and most of all, thank you for guiding us to work hard and feel REAL good at the same time. When you came together, your main goal was to create an organization for Asian-American women and pioneering us to be involved on campus and in the community, but you all did more than that. You've created a family, and a life-time of support to provide us self-growth to do more than what we thought we could do and offer more than what we have imagined to the rest of the world.
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Can You Guess Which Sister is Which? The first one to answer these correctly will get a small prize! Enjoy some throwback music while you're guessing. Have fun.


#67 Marsha "Encorre"


It was a pleasure being on CAA Board as Secretary and the editor of the monthly newsletters. Being on CAA has been an enjoyable experience as it gives me the opportunity to still be connected to other alumnae as well as the active house. I want to thank all of CAA Board for a great experience, your passion and dedication. As always, sisters are an inspiration! I hope our connection continues to grow. GO USF!

Term Crossed: Spring 2012, Lambda Class

What have you done since college: I continue to travel and learning to settle back home while spending time with my family. I've had the opportunity to intern as a Recruiter at Quicken Loans in Detroit then eventually gained a direct position as a Talent Specialist. After that, I moved to Minnesota to be closer to family and currently work in the Buying Operations team as a Region Coordinator for Novus, a media company. Of course, during my spare time, it's sorority stuff - National Board Midwestern Governor and CAA Secretary.

What aKDPhi taught you: aKDPhi has taught me to build relationships. Everybody has a story and you never know until you take the time to know them. It's empowering to be around a lot of strong women who have their own sacrifices. Those effortless relationships are always the best. These are the kind of people you want in your life and to grow with. This organization has also taught me that if you set your mind to it and really want it, you can achieve as well as excel in it.

Random fact: I took my nephew's bike and my niece's helmet to do a 30-mile bike ride in Detroit, not realizing how intense it would be.

Favorite quote: "If it doesn't challenge you, it can't change you."


Don't forget National Convention is just around the corner. It will take place during Memorial weekend in Chicago, IL. See you there. Can't wait to celebrate 25 years of aKDPhire!


Stay even more connected with all the alumnae and get little perks by being an Elite alum. It's never too late to join, especially to those who just graduated! Contact usfakdphi.alummembership@gmail.com for more information.

"This is not the end, this is not even the beginning of the end, this is just perhaps the end of the beginning."

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