2D Space

Students use the Amaziograph app for iPad

2D Space: Students develop verbal, visual, and mental representations of lines, angles and two-dimensional shapes, their parts and properties, and different orientations.

Mrs Booth was looking at the wonderful work on rotational symmetry by Class WG and thought that this would be a great activity for her students as they had been looking at 2D shapes and symmetry this week. She quickly downloaded the iPad app Amaziograph which cost .99 cents and the students began exploring the different choices of symmetry such as : mirror, rotation, hexagonal rotation, and various tessalation choices. The students created a number and then had to select their favourite. Crossmaglen P.S. is a one classroom school with students ranging from grade 1-6. Everyone completed the activity and gained a deeper understanding of 2D Space. Also, it was just lots of fun!