Jade Spears

Description and seasons

A deciduous forest has tons of wildlife and undergrowth. It has a vast amount of plants and animals. The four seasons, spring, summer, fall, and winter, cause changes in the forest. In spring, the plants start to grow back and the weather gets warmer. In summer, most of the plants are fully grown and the weather is usually hot. In fall, the plants start to wither up and the leaves on the trees start to change from green to orange, yellow and red. The leaves will start to fall off of the trees by then. In winter, the trees are bare and the plants are gone, and sometimes it snows. The plants are to grow back in spring.


These forests are mainly located on the eastern half of the U.S., Canada, Europe, some parts of Russia, and Japan.


The temperatures of these forests can vary from 50 degrees to about 80 or 90 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on the seasons and the weather, of course.


It rains plenty throughout the year for every animal has enough to drink, except in winter, when most of the water freezes up, which makes less water for the animals to drink.


The forest may have springs, streams, ponds, rivers, or even lakes, if the forest is big enough. There are no mountains, canyons, or anything of that sort. There are waterfalls in some forests, too.


Some of the animals that live in the forest are skunks, mice, voles, birds, shrew, snakes, deer, foxes, or even badgers! Some of the plants that grow in the forest are beech trees, maple trees, willow trees, ferns, holly bushes, brambles and thorns, pine trees, oak trees, and all kinds of wild flowers.


These forests, like any other, have water, oxygen, soil, and plenty of things that are needed by both the animals and the plants. (They also have rocks.)


Sometimes most of the forest is destroyed by forest fires caused by lightning, and sometimes there are hurricanes, tornadoes, or earthquakes. In the summer, small or large droughts may occur. People will cut down the trees and then use them for making paper, pencils, benches, log cabins, chairs, or sometimes they do it just to make room for farming!