Mighty McG News

March 16th

Thank you for all your participation in the McGoldrick community this quarter. Good luck with finals, and have a great spring break! We're excited to welcome you back to the McGoldrick in the spring quarter.

- The McGoldrick Collegium Team


  • Last Day Open In Winter Quarter: Monday, March 16th

  • Spring Break Closure: Tuesday, March 17th - Sunday, March 29th

Upcoming Events

  • Pancake Days: Monday 10 am-12 pm

Get to Know a CCL

Nguyen, Linh

Hello every one!

My name is Linh, a new Collegium Community Leader at Seattle University. I have to say that I am so excited to be a CCL here. Honestly every single day I want to express my gratitude to SU for creating such an amazing Collegia program which provides us a very a quiet, comfortable, engaging, and fun location.

I have been in the US for several months and I love the US and Seattle very much. I was graduated from undergraduate and graduate programs at Vietnam National University – Hanoi in 2010 and 2012 (got BA and MA in Philosophy). Specifically, I am so interested in studying and researching on religious issues, especially the relationship between politics and religion. My wish is all of believers in over the world have full religious freedom.

Welcome you to McGoldrick Collegium! I would love to support you all the time. If you have any question or need to be assisted, please do not hesitate to ask me. I am here for you.