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February 15, 2016

Principal Passage...


Reporting that the SIP Learning Walks went very well. Despite anticipation of the unknown, the teams had a very positive experience and feedback. We'll receive a formal report in couple of weeks. The walk leader, David Sisk said that our observations and conversations were "rich", "an exemplary experience". The exercise was deeply enhanced by the presence of instructional members, Lynne Palko, JoEllen Weeks and Charlotte Brown. Thanks to both sides those observing and those being observed. You are an impressive crew:).

The is RAK week. As a school, we will promote Random Act of Kindness (#RAKWEEK) this week – February 15-19. Here are some resources and 50 ideas to explore. Focus on this aspect of character education as you find the opportunity. We will highlight it on the morning announcements.

Dr. Emory is scheduled to visit with us this Friday morning in first half of the day. Pleased that she will get some first had knowledge of who we are as a school.

Calendar Links

  • Check it out for updates to the remainder of the year. A staff calendar on the Haiku site - the Whitaker Staff Calendar go to the calendar tab to see the full calendar. Check calendar article below too.
  • The second School Wires Calendar is for families on our school website.


Updated Lesson Plan Schedule

2/15 Fourth & Fifth / PE & Science

2/22 Kindergarten

2/29 First / Art

3/7 Second / Media

3/14 Third / Music

4/4 Fourth / PE

4/12 Fifth / Science

4/18 Kindergarten

4/25 First / Art

5/2 Second / Media

5/9 Third / Music

5/16 Fourth / PE

5/23 Fifth / Science

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Multi-Cultural Week

This committee met on Sunday and with me on Friday. Below are finer details and schedules. Due to the amount of information, expect an email from me in a day or two. The updated detail below should help you plan your instruction. This PTA committee is surely dedicating much effort to growing cultural understanding and appreciation.

Expect a flyer for Tuesday packets tomorrow - in your boxes now.

Monday 2/22 - Literacy in the Classrooms - each classroom may choose the culture or county you wish to focus on. It can relate to class interest or connection.

Tuesday 2/23 - Speas Elementary School (Hispanic music) and Piedmont Opera (Italian music) - school-wide performance assembly - begins 9:00 am (approx. 50 minutes)

Wednesday 2/24 - Healing Force Performance & International Food in Classrooms

  • Healing Force performs at 8:25 for 3-5 and at 9:30 for K-2 in Gym
  • International Food exploration happens w your lunch classes - since it is an Early Release day we eat in our classrooms so this should combine well. If you have not been contacted by room parent on this event please email me and I will forward to the committee.

Thursday 2/25 - Carolina Live!—Our Musical History at 1:00 - school-wide assembly (45 minutes). Lesson planning that can be considered to support this performance Link

Friday 2/26 - Passport to Culture - station rotation over five continents in gym/stage during specials. Format, station topics and student passport info coming in detailed email. You will get student passports earlier in the week to educate them on a passport - they will get stamps as the move throughout exhibits.

There will be morning news trivia w prizes. Thinking we will have students answer online at home (or school if you want to let them) to minimize instructional time impact.

Thanks in advance for support of this week and all the effort being exercised.

Complete Your Mid-Year PDP

Whether we have gotten to your next observation or not, take time to complete your Mid-Year PDP goal update. There are two sections - evidences and comments. A few sentences for each goal in each section is what is called for. Questions - just ask.

February / March Calendar

This list is not an exhaustive of the Haiku staff calendar

- just a list of highlights:

  • 2/16 - 2/19 Random Acts of Kindness Week
  • 2/16 Fitness for Charities - Coin Collection Begins
  • 2/18 All-County Chorus Performs (off campus)
  • 2/19 Fitness for Charities - see article for details
  • 2/19 Dr. Emory Visits WES
  • 2/22 - 2/26 Multi-Cultural Week
  • 2/24 Wonderful Wednesday - this is rescheduled date
  • 2/24 Early Release Day
  • 2/24 PDQ Spirit Night
  • 3/1 Progress Update in PowerSchool
  • 3/2 Spring Picture Day
  • 3/2 Teacher Forum w Emory - Glenn High School
  • 3/2 Staff Meeting
  • 3/8 Kindergarten Registration Day

A few more items...

  • If you are serving as a Mentor to someone new to our faculty, remember the required Peer Observation and signing Mid-Year PDP updates. Please attempt to get observations done by April 15th or sooner. End of the year for these is not advisable for many reasons. Need support? Reach out to Lindsay or me.

  • Another day out - what does it mean for make-up? Not sure yet, Teresa and I will share as we learn or perhaps they will send to all employees.

  • Please copy me on your classroom newsletters either via email or on paper. This should be at least bi-weekly or weekly.