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Weekly Update ~ October 24, 2016

Student Vehicle Pick-ups

This message is for only those parents/guardians who pick-up, or drop-off their students in a personal vehicle. If your student rides a bus, please disregard the message.

We have a process in place whereby cars line up in single file at afternoon dismissal. We have assigned staff members to escort groups of students to the building exit. They congregate at door #18 in the upper parking lot. Many are responsible for more than one child. We ask that parents stay in line, stay in your vehicle, and move forward as the pick-up process occurs. We have seen an increasing amount of parents asking the faculty to walk students down the sidewalk, as far as to the Junior High doors. This places an undue burden on the faculty, who may be responsible for more than one child. We also do not want them to escort the students across the parking lot, which can be unsafe.

The vehicle pick-up is a very efficient process. We exit students approximately 8-10 minutes faster at the end of the day than we used to when the busses loaded in the upper parking lot. For efficiency, and more important, safety reasons, we ask that parents/guardians pick your children up at door #18.

If you drop your child off in the morning, we have a few reminders, as well. The busses begin arriving at 7:40 a.m. Most days, the routes are complete by 8:15. When the busses are unloading and the red, flashing, stop arms are operating, it is illegal to pass the school bus. Some parents are avoiding the bus and vehicle lines and dropping students off in the middle lanes of the parking lot. The students then must cross the parking lot avoiding cars and busses. This is very dangerous! Unfortunately, we have vehicles cutting through the parking lot, trying to avoid the unloading busses, and we are fearful that a student is going to get hit by a moving car.

For safety purposes, after unloading the students, the busses pull forward, turn their yellow flashers on, and the driver does a “sweep” of the bus to make sure everyone has exited. While they are doing this, you may pass them and exit the lot. I know this confuses some drivers. So, to summarize, if the red flashers are operating, do not pass the bus; if the yellow flashers are operating, it is permissible to pass the bus.

We ask that parents stay in the appropriate unloading lines and do not cut across the parking lot in an effort to make the process as safe as possible.

Thank you.

With Oak Grove pride,

Dr. Lemon

Wear Your Cubbie Blue!

Holy Cow! Cubs win.....Cubs win! To support the Cubs in their first World Series game in 71 years, Oak Grove is going to have a "wear your Cubs" clothing day on Tuesday. Let's cheer them on to a World Series win!

No Library Early Hours Wednesday, Nov. 2nd

There will be no library early hours on Wednesday, Nov. 2nd so the staff can set up for the author visit from Helen Frost.

Red Ribbon Week

YOLO - BE DRUG FREE #youonlyliveonce

Beginning October 24th through October 31st, Oak Grove students will be celebrating Red Ribbon Week by participating in a variety of activities. The red ribbon symbolizes a commitment to a drug free, healthy lifestyle. No use of any illegal drug and no abuse of a legal drug. The school will be decorated throughout with the red ribbon message. We at Oak Grove are joining the community in educating our children about the dangers of drugs and encouraging them to lead healthy, successful lives.

Monday October 24

  • Pass out red ribbons and pins
  • Please encourage students to wear all week

Tuesday October 25

  • Grades K-8 - Pass out YOLO bracelet

Wednesday October 26

  • Wear red day- wear as much red as you can
  • Hand out red licorice- please remember, if you do not want your child to receive a piece of licorice due to allergies, please contact Gayle Timlin at timlin@ogschool.org Please see ingredients for Twizzlers HERE.

Thursday October 27

  • Let’s “Stick it to Drugs”
  • Pass out “YOLO #YOUONLYLIVEONCE ” stickers

Friday October 28

  • Grades K-8 “Crazy Sock Day”. “Sock it to Drugs” by wearing your craziest socks

Monday October 31

  • Grades K-8 “Team Up Against Drugs”
  • Wear your favorite team jersey or T-shirt
  • K-5 can change into their Halloween costumes in pm.
  • 6-8 can wear their sports attire all day

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Curriculum Corner

Hello Oak Grove Community,

The month of October is National Bullying Prevention Month. We began the month wearing blue on October 3 to ‘Stomp out Bullying’. During the month of October, students focused on bullying prevention and reporting through SEL (Social Emotional Learning) sessions.

We welcomed presentations titled the ‘Power of One’, with a session for students in grades kindergarten through fourth grade on Tuesday and a session for students in grades fifth through eighth grade on Monday. The ‘Power of One’ is a skit-based presentation, showing different scenarios, behaviors of a bystander, and solutions to different types of situations. The message to students is that each person has the ‘Power of One’ and the power to report. We thank the PTO for bringing this assembly to Oak Grove.

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Award Winning Author to Visit Oak Grove

Award winning author Helen Frost is coming to Oak Grove to visit with 5th-8th grade students on November 2. This is your last chance to order autographed and personalized books from Helen Frost. The deadline is October 28. Please see the flyer in the virtual backpack.

Robotics Club Blanket Drive

Robotic Club is sponsoring a blanket drive to benefit dogs that are in shelters. As you take your blankets out for the season, please consider recycling your used comforters and blankets (no yarn type blankets please due to their nails getting caught in them) to keep a shelter dog warm on these chilly nights. Please bring them in a plastic bag and place them in the boxes near the offices.


PTO News

Snowflake was held on Friday, and we had 400 7th & 8th grade students in attendance from Hawthorn North/South, and Oak Grove. In addition to the students, their parents, and close to 100 facilitators and High School students also attended the event. To pull that off, we have many, many volunteers who help make the evening a success.

Thank you to the custodial staff, who work extra hard to make the logistics and equipment needed for that evening.

Big thanks to Mr Fenton, Mrs. Jackson, Dr. Lemon, all the teachers and staff from Oak Grove and Hawthorn, High School students from Libertyville High and Vernon Hills High School, parent volunteers from Oak Grove and Hawthorn, and PALS students. Your time is valuable and much appreciated! Lastly, Gayle Timlin, Kimberly Wesley, who set up the program for the evening, thank you for your commitment!

Lunchroom Help Needed

We need a few volunteers during lunchtime to help with the recycling in the cafeterias. If you are interested, please click here to sign up!

Oak Grove School Education Foundation

Playground Pavers -- Leave your Mark at Oak Grove

Order by November 18th for Fall/Winter Installation

Our children's memories of their time at Oak Grove will last a lifetime, so take this opportunity to leave a permanent mark with a custom brick paver and support innovative curriculum enhancements for your children at the same time! The custom brick pavers are the centerpiece of the elementary playground! For sizes, information and order, please visit http://www.ogsef.org/playground-pavers.html. Thank you!

Save the Date: Oak Grove School Rocks Austin’s

Look for ticket information soon!

Engineering for Kids

Engineering for Kids is back for a second fall session, starting November 3rd. Please see the Virtual Backpack for more details.

Virtual Backpack

Please click HERE to view the flyers in our virtual backpack.

Board Meeting Time Change

The October 25th Board of Education meeting will meet at 6:00 pm on Tuesday instead of the previously scheduled time of 6:30 pm.

Oak Grove School Board of Education

Click HERE to view Board Agenda and Minutes