Magee Girls on the Run

October 10-14

The week in review...

We were lucky enough to have some guest coaches this week when Mrs. O'Neil and Mrs. Sterner could not be at practice! We welcomed Mrs. Coss and Mrs. Heikkinen!

Monday's lesson was about cooperation - and cooperating with people who are different from us, introducing and discussing diversity and perspective. Wednesday's lesson focused on peer pressure and ways to combat peer pressure. In running laps, girls worked up to the message of "I know what is best for me!" - SUCH an important message for girls to KNOW and REMEMBER!

Team Spirit!

Meemic Foundation T-Shirt Grant

Through the American Advantage Insurance Group-Lindow Agency and the Meemic Foundation, our girls were the recipients of t-shirts this morning that say, "Leave a little sparkle wherever you go"! This was born out of conversation a few weeks back about how we can share our "inner light" with others, and shake off the negativity that sometimes creeps into our minds. We can wear these shirts on Fridays, or whatever days we choose to show the pride we have in ourselves, our team and others! THANK YOU to Mark and Zak Lindow and the Meemic Foundation!

Service Project

As part of the Girls on the Run Program, girls participate in a service project and give of themselves for the benefit of others. We will be writing letters and sending a package to Michael Roberts, who is in the Army and is currently stationed in Italy. As a part of this, we ask that each girl bring in $1 and a box of "movie theater" type candy for next week - just bring to practice. Some of Mike's favorites include anything "gummy" - worms, bears, sour patch kids, etc. He ALWAYS shares with his platoon as well - so most anything will be greatly appreciated!

PLEASE do not send anything homemade (it takes two weeks to get there) or anything chocolate (changing climates make that a mess sometimes)! We will be sending everything in a large, flat rate box - which the USPS gives a special rate to! Please let me know if you have questions, and thank you for your support of this project!

Magee Girls on the Run


Amy O'Neil

Kristina Stathas

Sue Sterner

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