IAG Newsletter: September 2023

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2023 Conference Keynote Speakers

We are excited to welcome two national experts in the field of gifted education for our keynote speakers for the Indiana Association for the Gifted’s annual conference: Dr. Brian Housand and Dr. Christine Deitz!

Dr. Housand has worked in education as a classroom teacher, a teacher of the gifted, and a university professor of gifted education for over twenty years. He has also served two terms on the Board of Directors for the National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC). Dr. Housand is an internationally renowned speaker known for sharing expertise on gifted education and technology. His Monday keynote address will explore the analogy between gifted learners and plants, and he will share practical ideas and strategies that can empower educators, parents, and communities to tend to the unique needs of our gifted learners so that they may prosper and grow.

We are also excited to welcome Dr. Deitz as our Tuesday Keynote Speaker. Dr. Deitz has over 30 years of public school experience and was the recipient of the NAGC’s A. Harry Passow Classroom Teaching Award. She is currently on the Board of Directors for the NAGC. Dr. Deitz is a highly sought after speaker whose keynote address will offer a fresh perspective on the discussion of programming for gifted students, emphasizing not only the need for rigor, but the need to foster a culture that understands and embraces the unique needs of gifted learners. We cannot wait to welcome Dr. Housand and Dr. Deitz to Indiana!

Parent Corner

Are you looking for ways to better support and advocate for your high ability learner? The parent resources section of the IAG website is packed with comprehensive information aimed at meeting your needs. These resources can be accessed by clicking here or by selecting "Resources" at the top of the homepage. In this area, you will find the following information:

  • Understanding your high ability child

  • Meeting your high ability child's educational needs inside and outside of school

  • Advocating for your high ability child

  • Supporting the high ability child who also has a learning or developmental challenge

Mark your calendar now for another great opportunity to connect with fellow parents of high ability children on Sunday, December 3 during IAG's Parent Night. During this event, attendees will hear educator and author Andi McNair share on "Nurturing Gifted Minds: A Parent's Guide to Understanding and Supporting Gifted Learners at Home."

IAG Social Media & Website

Your IAG Communication Committee is increasing the flow of information to you through social media, newsletters, and our great new website. If you have not seen our social media posts, check us out! Sharing our posts allows more people to learn about the needs of gifted students and the progress being made to meet their needs. You can also use the messenger feature of our social media accounts to communicate with us.

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Also, be on the lookout for quarterly newsletters! These will contain information relevant to parents, teachers, students, coordinators, and administrators. The main goals of this first edition are to promote our upcoming IAG conference and to highlight our board structure and some of its goals.

Another great way to get information is through our new website! This is an effective way we can help share information and answer questions you may have. Check it out here! www.iag-online.org

IAG Award Nominations

Award Nominations open Tuesday, September 5, 2023, and close October 31, 2023. Awards will be presented at the annual conference in December 2023. We offer the following awards:

  1. Leadership Award

  2. The Hazel Feldhausen Outstanding Teacher of the Gifted Award

  3. Nicholas Green Distinguished Student Award(s) - Elementary and Middle

  4. Friend of the Gifted Award

Please see below for descriptions of awards and links to nomination forms.

1. The Indiana Association for the Gifted annually presents a Leadership Award to an individual(s) (parent, teacher, coordinator, administrator, legislator, other) whose exemplary leadership and outstanding contribution to gifted education have positively influenced Indiana’s children, teachers, schools, programs, and/or policies.

Selection Criteria:

IAG defines exemplary leadership and outstanding contribution to mean at least one of the following:

  • Bringing about a change in policy, procedures, or curriculum that results in significant improvement in gifted services either at the state or local level

  • Impacting gifted education in the state of Indiana through outstanding leadership and/or creative innovation at either the local or state level. These contributions are interpreted as those that far exceed the regular expectations of a position, duty, or office.

Link to Nominate: https://iag.wufoo.com/forms/2023-leadership-award-nomination-form

2. The Indiana Association for the Gifted annually presents the Hazel Feldhusen Outstanding Teacher of the Gifted Award to an individual teacher in a K-12 setting, whose exemplary classroom teaching demonstrates best practices in gifted education and positively impacts those students in the teacher’s care. The Purdue University Gifted Education Resource Institute sponsors this IAG Award (including a monetary award of $500) in recognition of Hazel Feldhusen (1928-2007), an outstanding classroom teacher of the gifted in West Lafayette, Indiana, and the wife of Dr. John Feldhusen (1926-2009), an early leader in gifted education.


  • Has taught gifted children/youth for at least three years AND has a license in Gifted Education

  • Is teaching gifted children/youth during the current school year. This may include someone who teaches gifted students in any type of service model, e.g. in a self-contained class of all high-ability learners, a cluster, pullout, self-contained, or honors class.

Link to Nominate: https://iag.wufoo.com/forms/2023-hazel-feldhusen-outstanding-teacher-award

3. The Indiana Association for the Gifted would like to recognize students who have demonstrated distinguished achievement in academics, leadership, or the arts with the Nicholas Green Distinguished Student Award(s) for Elementary and Middle school students. These awards are designed to inspire students to achieve, as well as highlight the distinct accomplishments and educational needs of gifted students. Each recipient will be awarded $250.

Selection Criteria:

  • Demonstration of excellence in one or more of the following areas: visual or performing arts, academic achievement, creativity, or leadership.

Link to Nominate: https://iag.wufoo.com/forms/2023-iag-distinguished-student-awards

4. The Indiana Association for the Gifted takes great pride in honoring those who have significantly contributed to the field of gifted education with the IAG Friend of the Gifted Award. Individuals recognized for this award will show exemplary contributions to the support and or nurturing of Indiana’s gifted students. Each year the board will determine if the award will be presented or if more than one recipient will receive an award for the year.


  • The recipient must be a resident of Indiana or an Organization from Indiana

Selection Criteria:

  • Evidence of long-term support of the gifted students and/or programs

  • Broad-range impact on gifted students and/or programming such as a significant impact on the learning environment, valuable contribution to the enhancement of gifted students, extraordinary service to parents of the gifted, or exemplary work helping faculty members who impact gifted students.)

Link to Nominate: https://iag.wufoo.com/forms/2023-friend-of-the-gifted-award

Scholarship Information

The IAG Scholarship Committee is pleased to announce this year’s scholarship details. Look for more information in the coming months!

  • Timeline for scholarships:

    • December 2023- Scholarship information will be shared through email, social media, and the IAG website. (Be thinking about the tools your school has to help share this information. Does your program have a website or social media page?)

    • January to March 2024- Applications will be accepted.

    • April 2024- Winners will be notified and announced to the public.

  • Scholarship categories:

    • Merit

    • Merit for Twice-Exceptional

    • Merit for Historically Underrepresented Populations

You may make a scholarship donation here: IAG Scholarship fund.

IAG Board Structure

The board is made up of four groups. These committees work together but also have distinct and separate roles. Additional information will be shared in the future!

Three Core Committees

Advocacy Committee

Conference Committee

Communications Committee

Three Outreach Committees

Scholarship Committee

Awards Committee

Equity and Justice Committee

Three Board Committees

Elections Committee

Governance Committee

Finance Committee

Six Stakeholder Representatives

Teacher Stakeholder

Parent Stakeholder

Coordinator/Administrator Stakeholder

University Stakeholder

Presidential Appointee

Community Member (open position)