The Problem with Cloning

By: Justin Coscarella and Gavin Mraz

What are some unethical reasons?

Cloning poses a lot of potential issues in society, especially human cloning. If we were to clone humans, there would be an issue among people as to whether or not they would be equal to uncloned peoples. Also, seeing as there would be foundations that want to use human clones for organs to be used for transplant, there is the issue of that being inhumane.

Scientifical reasons

Even if cloning was legal and accepted in society, there is a large issue with the process. The success rate of a clone is extremely low. At best, the chance of producing a clone is 3%- and that's in a good situation. Cloning is also an issue since only the appearance of what your cloning remains the same. The personality and temperament of the clone will most likely be different, as well as any other genes that are random. Cloning does not turn out as expected, making it a bad option.

Health Reasons

Lastly, clones are suspect to several health risks. The issues can range from an increase of up to 60% chance to develop cancer, and also organ failure that can result from inadequate developmental stages. Also, clones are usually larger than normal species at birth, making development sometimes difficult and can cause complications there as well.