Perseverance in Our World

What is Perseverance?

Perseverance is pushing through hardships, adversities really, to reach a goal set out in front of you. That goal can only be decided by you, others can't decide it is something mentally that causes us to push past our limits, to reach for something we desire. Whether you do or do not do that is it. Perseverance is really in reality a strange trait, to persevere, it separates people with dreams from those who make their dreams an actuality. Real.

Winston Churchill-An Exceptional Leader

Winston Churchill is an eloquent and very inspirational historical figure. He was born on November 30th 1874.His childhood was tough due to the absence of his parents. He then went to Harrow School. He excelled at military strategy and was soon accepted into Royal Military College. Throughout his life he has shown intelligence, diligence, and a knack for leadership. Winston Churchill was intelligent all his life an example of this is pulling the US into the War giving the Allies a chance. For example, he was diligent when he was in Harrow school and worked his way towards the top of class although he wasn’t a great student. Winston Churchill was born a leader, for example he gave speeches that sparked hope into the english and saved all of Europe from Nazi Germany. His greatest achievement was when he served two terms as prime minister and in those years saved Britain and Europe from a seemingly indestructible enemy. Winston Churchill once said, “There was no flinching and no thought of giving in; and by what seemed almost a miracle to those outside these Islands, though we ourselves never doubted it, we now find ourselves in a position where I say that we can be sure that we have only to persevere to conquer.” From this quote we know that Winston Churchill wasn’t a fan of giving in, he was strong and always knew that with perseverance what some might consider a miracle can occur. To conclude Winston Churchill can still inspire people today with his morale boosting speeches and his tenacity.

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Leroy and Dartanyon

Compare and Contrast Chart Graphic Organizer

Person #1: Leroy Person #2: Dartanyon

How are they alike?

  • they both wrestled in high school

  • they both persevered a lot

  • they both don’t have good parents

  • they both have a disability

  • they both grew up in Cleveland

  • they both graduated from a high school less than 50% graduate

How are they different?


-Went to college..............-legally blind

-has a kid......................... -went to the olympic training center

-has no legs .....................-lived with unsupportive dad

-lived with his grandma ..-doesn’t have a kid

-trust issues .....................-didn’t go to college

Losing to Win

In the video, Losing to Win, we learn about the biggest underdog in girls basketball, the Carroll Academy Lady Jags. Carroll Academy is an intensive day program run by the County Juvenile Court since 1994. The Carroll Academy Lady Jags are on a 213 game losing streak and haven’t won since 2006. These Lady Jags are made up of wrecked teens on the point of paying time in a Juvy. Most of the things these girls are dealing with have been caused by the environment they grew up in. The problem is they can’t win. This is a problem because it is a demoralizing factor for these teens. Other reasons why it is a problem is because it is angering, especially for those with anger problems, it can also ignite anger for them and maybe others. One solution is that to win they have to come together as a team. By losing, these girls learn to trust each other, they see that the coaches still have faith in them which can motivate them. To conclude these girls might be losing games but they’re triumphing more and more in life.

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Eleanor roosevelt

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Jackie Robinson

Unfair treatment and segregation made way for the civil rights movement. There were many notable african americans that lead the way, the first of which is Jackie Robinson. Athletics in the first half of the 1900s was all white professional leagues and negro leagues. The problem was that there was a color barrier, segregation in baseball and segregation in the United States. No black athletes were treated equal no matter what amount of skill that they possessed. The answer came to the Dodgers manager Branch Rickey; get an african american gentleman that can play ball. He was compelled to break the color barrier because of an experience he had as a college coach. One night while he was travelling with his team, his only black player wasn’t originally allowed to stay in the hotel. Later that night Branch Rickey heard the player sobbing and scratching at his skin, the player then turned to him and said, “Black skin. If only I could make it white.” This event caused Branch Rickey’s view on racial equality to change and could have caused the creation of the noble experiment, the cause. The experiment was getting a mentally strong black player into the MLB that would be able to restrain from fighting back. The solution as stated was Jackie Robinson, an amazing gentleman and ballplayer. The effect was that Jackie Robinson lead his teammates and slowly most of america to believe that african americans are just as important and “good” enough to play with whites. In conclusion Jackie Robinson was a major piece in the civil rights movement and accomplished more outside of baseball than in the game he was playing.

What Can We Learn from the Perseverance of Others?

We can learn a lot from the perseverance of others. We could learn how to react to situations good or bad. We could learn what difficulties others have went through which would make it a lot easier for us to endure our everyday small problems. From learning about perseverance and fighting through adversities we could become more successful in whatever you put your mind to.