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SUNDAY, May 29, 2022

As we gather together this morning in person and others connect with us through livestream, we remain a Body of imperfect people who desire to walk in authentic community together as followers of Jesus. This special Sunday Morning Worship Experience is purposed, FIRST AND FOREMOST, to glorify God who deserves every ounce of honor we can pour out AND encourage you through relevant teaching from the Bible, reflective prayers, meaningful worship, loving and serving one another in deep, unifying fellowship. We hope that you will leave both exhausted and refreshed, challenged, encouraged, and hopeful for tomorrow.

Lineup for Today:

  • 9:00am - Corporate Prayer in The Worship Center

  • 9:30am - Crossroad's University Late Spring 2022 Session

  • 10:30am - The Sunday Morning Worship Experience

  • 6:00pm - Crossroads Student Ministry (CSM)

  • 6:00pm - Sunday Evening Groups

First-Time Guest Connection Card

Guests, we'd love to know about your virtual visit today, hear your praises, prayer requests and comments about how you were impacted, and answer any questions you might have about our church, what you heard or next steps to getting involved.

Communication Card for Regular Attenders/Partners

If you're a returning attender or Covenant Partner and would like to share your praises, prayer requests, leave a comment about how you've been impacted today or if you have a question about something you heard today or this week, please click here.

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If you're a returning attender or Covenant Partner and you've had a change of address, phone, or email, if you've gotten married or need to make any other changes in your profile in our church management system (CMS), click here.

I Want To Serve!

If you're a Covenant Partner and God's Spirit has placed in you the desire to serve the body and minister to the community through the local church, start your journey here.

Giving Is Simple

Clicking will take you directly to Crossroads' Donate page. Scroll to the bottom of the Announcements for a "How To" video and other ways you can give.

Crossroads KidzMin Resources

Find out what your kiddos learned today in Crossroads Kidz as well as other resources to help you continue the discussion @Home, click here or go to You can also join the conversation with other parents for great resources to supplement your ministry as a parent by going to your Church Center app, go to Groups and look for the Group "@Home for C2 Parents". To join this Group if you're not already a member, click here.

In this Communication Group, you'll also find a constant flow of resources and articles that we provide and recommend to supplement and train you in your ministry of Discipleship @HOME.

How We Come Alongside Parents @HOME

We pride ourselves in that we are NOT a child care service...we ARE an extension of the ministry @HOME, even in our First Steps Nursery and Explorers Preschool. We are here to supplement the work that you are doing as disciplers of your own family @HOME. As such, we serve diligently to ensure a life-giving, transforming experience for your children and those of our other attenders and guests. Click Here or the image above to learn more.

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SAVE THESE IMPORTANT DATES THAT ARE COMING UP THROUGH THE REST OF THE YEAR. Please take a moment to click the links below for "C2 Essentials" AND "Over the Hump" for more details about these upcoming and fast-approaching events:

  • Sunday, May 29th: Crossroads University Late Spring 2022 Session Continues
  • Sunday, May 29th: Crossroads Family Picnic
  • Sunday, June 5th: Ladies Luncheon
  • Sunday, June 12th: Lord's Supper with the Ekklesia @9:30am
  • Sunday, June 19th: Join us for Father's Day!
  • Wednesday, June 22nd: Midweek Family Meal
  • Saturday, June 25th: The Warriors Return
  • Wednesday, June 29th to Sunday, July 3rd: VBS - I Wonder
  • Sunday, July 3rd: Freedom Bash
  • Sunday, July 17th: The Well @6pm
  • Monday-Friday, August 1st-5th: CSM @ Eagle Rock Retreat
  • Friday-Saturday, September 9th-10th: Burger Barn
  • Sunday, October 2nd: Tailgate
  • Saturday, October 15th: Strike 4 Hunger
  • Friday, October 28th: Trail or Treat
  • Sunday, November 20th: The Well: Thanksgiving Edition @6pm
  • Saturday, December 24th: The Well: Christmas Edition @6pm

*Dates are subject to change and more events will be added! We'll keep you informed.

Check Out Friday's "C2 Essentials"

In order to keep "The Link" more concise for Sunday Mornings, we have broken our weekly reminders into three smaller digital publications. If you missed Friday's "C2 Essentials", click the image above to check it out or refresh your memory. "C2 Essentials" focuses on Essential Announcements, Updates, Links and Reminders for the weekend and the upcoming week to keep you connected to the Body of Christ at Crossroads.

Check Out Midweek's "Over The Hump"

In order to keep "The Link" more concise for Sunday Mornings, we have broken our weekly reminders into three smaller digital publications. If you missed this last week's "Over the Hump", click the image above to check it out or refresh your memory. "Over the Hump" focuses on Missions Highlights, Prayer, Offering Reports, Reminders, etc.

Pastor Darryl's Blog

Click here to find and read past blogs written by our Pastor, Darryl Jones. Subscribe to the blogs to be notified every time he writes a new post.

Crossroads University

Sunday Mornings @ 9:30 a.m.

A series of six-week electives that are focused around fundamental truths and biblical principles that are core to the personal walk of every follower of Jesus. A CU track finds its core in the Word of God. There's also a Nursery, Preschool and "Kidz Worship Makers" for our elementary age friends.

Click Here to learn more.


Wednesday Evenings @ 6:30p.m.

We're bringing RETRO back! MidWeek is a place for adults from 12 to 120 to find community through fellowship, bible study and prayer. It's a "hump day" for followers of Jesus to spiritually and emotionally refresh, recharge and share in life together. It's designed for the spiritual health and fitness of those who desire to be conformed to His image and nourished in His Body.

Click Here to learn more


One of the best ways to connect in a meaningful way at crossroads|church is to join a group.

Group Life exists for the expression and reception of love and accountability, as Christ-followers carry out the ministry and vision of the local church. While corporate worship experiences engage the believer in worship and teaching, Christ-followers give priority to discipleship through relationally connected groups of encouragement, support, and accountability. Groups fulfill the mission of Crossroads by engaging, equipping, empowering, and encouraging Christ-followers in a daily spiritual walk as the body of Christ.

Click Here to learn more about Groups at Crossroads Church


Here at Crossroads, we view Baptism as a declaration that you are a follower of Jesus Christ. It is a public confession of your faith in, and commitment to, Jesus Christ. It is the next step after salvation through repentance and faith and is an important foundation for the Christian life. Click here for more information

If you are interested in being baptized, click here.

Lord's Supper

We celebrate the Lord's Supper as a "Moment of Remembrance"...focusing on the body and the blood of the Savior who made redemption, repentance, and reconciliation possible.

Click here for more information

Supporting the ministries of Crossroads Church with your tithes and offerings has never been more simple. You can give...

  1. By Mobile App: Go to your App Store and download Church Center. Log in using the mobile number you have on record with the church. Go to the Giving tab at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Online: Click Here or click the "Give Online" button. If you need assistance, watch the video above.
  3. By Mail: Make checks payable to Crossroads Church and mail to
    Crossroads Church
    PO BOX 351
    Grain Valley, MO 64029
  4. By Text to Give: simply text any dollar amount to 84321 to give. After choosing a church, you'll be asked to set up a payment method. Existing donors can log in to their profile to select a previously used payment method. After initial setup, all you have to do is send an amount to 84321 to give. If giving to a fund other than General or when giving to multiple funds, type the amount followed by the name of the fund. Example: $100 missions $20 building. Other funds are...
  • general
  • benevolence
  • missions
  • building
  • vanhoecke
  • martin
How to Give Online (from our website or the Church Center app)


If you have not yet downloaded our church app - CHURCH CENTER - you are missing out. Church Center has it all. As you'll notice on the image above, not only can you...
  1. ...find a Group
  2. ...participate in Group messaging with your Group and Ministry Teams and find contact information for those in your Group
  3. your church, missions and special projects through Giving
  4. ...signup for a variety of special events (like the ones above this message)
  5. ...view an upcoming calendar of events here at Crossroads so you can mark your own calendars
  6. ...view a directory of contacts within the church family and see photos to connect a face with a name
  7. ...pre-check-in on your way to The Big House so you don't have to stand in line at the Check-In Stations

You'll find links to some of the most vital utilities and features you'll need access to in order to fully participate in community here at Crossroads Church

You can find and install Church Center in the App Store of your mobile device or by clicking the image above.

You can also find and bookmark all the Church Center features and utilities in your favorite browser on your computer by CLICKING HERE or by typing in the search bar.

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Stay Connected to C2

Our Website:

General Email:

Office Address:

  • 900 NW Jefferson St. - Grain Valley, MO 64029
Mailing Address:
  • Crossroads Church - PO Box 351- Grain Valley, MO 64029

Darryl & Sharon Jones - Elder/Lead Pastor

Bonnie Burns - Pastor Darryl's Admin Assistant

Daniel & Krysten Ballard - Elder/Worship Arts/Student Ministry Pastor

Michael & Summer Hicks / Elder

Please note: the church DOES have a phone line for those outside the church family. We've had the line for the last 22 years and it's good to have for the general public. The church line mostly attracts sales and marketing calls. As a result, it is not monitored very closely.

If you need to contact one of our Staff Pastors or Elders, PLEASE USE THEIR MOBILE NUMBERS WHICH ARE MADE AVAILABLE TO YOU ABOVE. You'll also find this information in the front of your Crossroads Connections notebook. These numbers are not to be given out to the public but are available for your personal use.

Office Hours: 10am-3pm Monday thru Thursday

  • Pastor Darryl Jones is full-time here at the church but isn’t always in the office as ministry happens everywhere. Pastor Darryl and Sharon live here in “The Big House” and try to be very accessible to the church family. However, they do try to protect Friday each week as a day of restorative rest and time together. Click Here to schedule an appointment with Pastor Darryl. Pastor Darryl tries to “unplug” electronically on Fridays but can be contacted through Sharon in case of emergency.
  • Pastor Daniel Ballard is only in the church offices part-time while serving as a full-time EMT for the Odessa Fire Protection District.
  • Michael Hicks is a lay Elder and does not keep office hours. He is self-employed and owns his own company, East Side Electric, LLC.
  • Bonnie Burns is Pastor Darryl’s Administrative Assistant and works in the church offices during office hours.
  • Everyone else who serves our church does so on a volunteer basis—neither receiving compensation nor keeping office hours.

All of that to say - we are here to serve you, but “here” is always relative. Text, email and phone are our friends. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you can’t find us at “The Big House”.

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