JCMS Team 10

December 2-6

Schoolwide Information

November 25 - 29--No School

December 7--Snowman Shuffle, Pancake Feed, and Vendor Fair

December 19--End of Semester

Snowman Shuffle Flyer

Language Arts

We had a fantastic week reading chapters 17-19 of To Kill a Mockingbird as a reader's theater! I was very proud of the insights and questions brought up throughout the week. On Friday, we watched part of the classic film starring Gregory Peck. After break, we will address the verdict of the trial and relate themes of oppression and racial inequality to the present day. It should create some powerful thoughts and discussion. Thanks for all that you do at home to support your amazing children.

U.S. History

This week in U.S. History student began to explore who President Andrew Jackson was a a person by analyzing character traits. We also began to examine his role Native American removal and the atrocities committed during that time by the United States government and its army.

Next week we will finish our analization of Andrew Jackson, culminating in an 80% assignment culminating in the question, "Does Andrew Jackson deserve to be on the $20?" and if not, who should replace him?

If you have any questions or concerns about class, please email me at danejanner@usd475.org


We just finished Unit 1! The week after break, we will begin Unit 2 and take our Winter i-Ready test.

The schedule for the first week of December is below:

Monday--Writing & solving multi-step equations review (homework assigned)

Tuesday--i-Ready Test

Wednesday--i-Ready Test

Thursday--Measuring & drawing angles

Friday--finding unknown angle measures Day 1 (homework due)

If you have any questions or concerns about math class, please email me at shannonjones@usd475.org.


This week we finished our 80% assignment on volcanoes. The students were required to compare and contrast Olympus Mons to a volcano on Earth and create a project displaying their information.

When we get back from break, we will be working on Earthquakes!

Have a great break!

If you have any questions, feel free to email me: nicholenay@usd475.org

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