Pay It Forward

Pay It Forward

Pay It Forward

By Jordan Bergman

Have you ever helped a random person? Well if you ever see a person who would need help even if you don't know who it is you should help them because if you do something nice for someone they might think, “You know what since he/she did something nice for me I think I might do something nice for another person.” That is called Paying It Forward.

Paying It Forward is a random act of kindness ,if everyone does this the world is going to be a little bit better. It can all start just by helping someone up if he is hurt. You can basically do anything nice and the person you did something nice to will hopefully do something nice for someone else.

We are doing the pay it forward in Mr. Einertson’s fourth grade class. The class is doing a thing were you take a piece of paper and you can bring it home or anywhere you go and then if you do something nice for someone you will write it down and then bring it to the classroom and then we will connect it to a long line of others ones. Every classroom is doing it.

What I did is my little brother did not want to do one of his chores so I said I would do it for him. Then I let him play Minecraft on my Kindle Fire. I then told my mom that he would help her cook super. After supper I saw my mom helping my dad on something he did not know how to do on his phone.

Well that is all I am going to say. I will hope that you will do the Pay It Forward. I think it has helped our school and I have been a lot nicer and I hope this is a big effect so everyone can be kinder.


Kindness (Pay it Forward)