Drinking is Terrible

Alcohol can cause many diseases

Alcohol can cause diseases like Cirrhosis, which is a potentially deadly disease that affects the liver, which is often cause by alcohol abuse. Other diseases that are very important are Suppress, Intoxication, and you can cause Vehicular Homicide.
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Facts about Alcohol

  • Alcohol-related car crashes are the leading cause of death for teenagers
  • Some patients suffering from alcohol poisoning have to drink liquid charcoal in the emergency room
  • Long-term drinking causes the liver to become hard and scarred
  • Alcohol kills five times more people then cocaine, heroine and all other illegal drugs combined
  • Drinking too much alcohol in one night can be fatal
  • There are two million teenage alcoholics in the united States


Too much alcohol over a long time may muscles weaken, become painful, and move one their own. Alcoholics may develop arthritis and deformed joints. The body becomes less able to soak up calcium, so bones get weak, soft, thin, and brittle.
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Heart and Blood

Alcohol slows your heart rate and can cause high blood pressure, which would raise the chance of a heart attack later in life. Alcohol travels from the digestive system yo the brain in about 30 seconds via the blood. As it reaches the may other organs of the body, it dissolves into the water in the tissues of each organ.
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