The State of the Area

Area 5, Dr. West

Area 5 Schools

Cooper, Hickman, Lister, Northlake, Shorehaven, Spring Creek, Weaver, Sellers, Webb, Naaman Forest

Rigor in Area 5

Rigor is a quality of instruction that requires students to construct meaning for themselves, impose structure on information, integrate individual skills into processes, operate within but at the outer edge of their abilities, and apply what they learn in more than one context and to unpredictable situations.

Implementing Rigor Into Every Day Learning

Our goal is to make sure that rigor is in every lesson in every classroom for every student. Teachers must have a clear definition of rigor and clear expectations. The lessons must be meaningful and show connections and relevance to students. Teachers must interact with students and build relationships with ALL students.


Data Analysis in Area 5

Using Data to Drive Instruction

Teachers disaggregate their own data and develop plans based on data trends to individualize instruction and maximize effectiveness in the classroom.


Monitoring/ Improving Curriculum and Instruction

  • What are we looking for?
  • What are our goals?
  • How can teachers be part of the walkthrough process?
  • How do we use the information gleened from the walks to improve instruction?


Curriculum Calibration

In Area 5, we believe that teachers must be taught how to calibrate curriculum to ensure that TEKS are being taught to the depth and rigor set forth by the state. Teachers examine lessons objectively and plan cooperatively.


Levels of Questioning

We strive for the higher levels of Blooms' Taxonomy by developing rigorous lessons and planning high level questions. Staff development regarding questioning strategies is being provided to all campuses. We will monitor the implementation as part of the walkthrough documentation.


District Curriculum

Area 5 schools follow the district curriculum and the district scope and sequence for all subjects. Teachers from our schools are joining the district team to rewrite the curriculum. Teachers from Sellers, Webb and Naaman Forest will participate in National Math and Science Initiative training this summer to help increase rigor.


Development of Leadership Capacity at the Campus Level


ELL/ Bilingual Programs


District Initiatives


Community Relations


Dr. Dorthery West

Area 5 Director,