VCR Lesson 5

Massiel Islas

Select the word from Lesson 4 that fits best

When baking, you should be careful to measure just the right amount of _______. Too much of it and the bread will spill over the container, but too little and it won't rise
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1.- (n.) a substance (such as yeast) that makes dough rise and become light before it is baked

2.- (v.) to cause dough or bread to ferment and rise by adding leaven.

Unleavened bread Bible reference

According to the Bible, the Israelites were only to eat unleavened bread during the Passover, in commemoration of the Exodus (them leaving Egypt).

Since, when they first left, they had not time for the bread to rise, so the bread was made without leaven.

Leaven... not the same thing as yeast.

Yeast is a type of leavening agent (type of leaven) and so are these:

  • Baking soda
  • Baking soda with vinegar
  • Baking powder
  • Bakers' ammonia
  • Potassium bicarbonate
  • Home-made potash
  • Active dry yeast
  • Sourdough starter

Example sentence: After trying several different agents, she concluded that yeast was the leaven which produced the best results.


1.- (n.) a lightening or enlivening influence.

2.- (v.) to be a lightening or enlivening influence.

Example sentences:

While giving her speech, her sense of humor was leaven to the audience.

Leaven can mean to improve, but doesn't necessarily have to. Leaven just means to strengthen.

1.- The anarchist movement leavened the rebellious attitudes among the people.

2.- The new leaven finally reached the figures of authority, leading to the mistreatment of the common people.

Choose the sentence in which the bolded word is used incorrectly

1.- The snarky comments she made only leavened the contemptuous attitudes people had toward her.

2.- Although many prefer to use yeast, my mom's preference is leaven.

3.- She has such a light hearted spirit that her presence leavens the mood of a room.

4.- Depending on the type of bread you are making you can decide how much leaven you will need.

The answer is


Yeast is a type of leaven, so, if you use yeast, you would, by definition, be also using leaven.