13 days of midnight

tayhem w

story elements

13 days of midnight takes place in a little town. three friends have discover that they cant be hurt or die. there is a girl named oh she had just moved into town. oh and Jacob suddenly have a thing for each other. well jacob and milo are bff they start talking to oh and they seemed to pickup a power that they cant be killed

character analysis

the main character name is Jacob. three words to describe the main character are thoughtful, trust worthy, and caring. the character is motivated by them finding out that they have have to they can never be hurt or die.


the theme of the novel is there will be no one getting killed or hurt. one example that support the theme is Jacob cant be killed, he has tried shooting himself. another example is oh has face planted on cement and nothing was wrong with her, she even got hit in the face by a 90 mph baseball. a third example from the book is Milo he has jumped of a bridge and he still survived.
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