The Greystone Glance

Weekly Newsletter from Principal Quattrucci

The Week of August 29th

What a Wonderful First Week of School!

Thank you!

We, the faculty and staff of Greystone Elementary, are all so happy to be back at Greystone. We were all so excited on Tuesday when we saw our amazing students! We are so grateful to be given this opportunity to educate your precious children.

Thank you all for being so flexible, supportive, and positive! We appreciate the two-way communication, and we are glad to see so many families join the DOJO community. I do post regularly on DOJO as well as on all our social media accounts. I love to capture all the learning and happiness I see when I visit classrooms. There is so much to share every day!

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Cupcakes in Kindergarten

We appreciate your presence at our Cupcakes in Kindergarten event. It was wonderful to see so much excitement on our incoming students' faces as they each visited their brand-new kindergarten classrooms. We look forward to their official first day of school on Tuesday, September 6th! We would also like to thank our fabulous PTA for the cupcakes!

Special Moments from the First Week

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President – Johna Toner

Vice President 1- Amy Antone

Co-Vice President 1-Kellie Rambone

Vice President 2- Susan Ragano

Co-Vice President 2- Amber Lemire

Treasurer- Carissa Anderson

Corresponding Secretary- Courtney Fuller

Co-Corresponding Secretary- Lindsay Solomon

Recording Secretary- Tiffany Barth

Co-Recording Secretary-Stacy Arnold

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  • See the PTA Facebook Page...Greystone PTA

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Students may arrive as early as 8:40am. We do not have supervision before 8:40am. Kids Klub is a before school and after school service that takes care of students from 7:00am-8:40am. I do believe there is currently a wait list, but please contact them or 401-626-5660. I also have these contacts on file: / 401-723-2277.

Ms. Brenda is also in the process of reaching out to other before/after school services in the area and should have information about that soon.

From 8:40am-8:50am, when students arrive through our front door, they can either enter Cafe Greystone for breakfast or go through the side door out to the blacktop where children play before school. At 8:50am the children should be lined up on the blacktop play area and the classroom teachers will pick up their students at 8:55am. Our bells were not programmed properly so there may have been confusion last week, but regardless of bells, teachers will be present to pick up their students on the blacktop area at 8:55am.

We are asking all parents and guardians who are escorting their students to the blacktop to please stay behind the gated area if you wish to stay until your child actually enters the building. This is for everyone's safety.


Students are dismissed at 3:12PM. If there is an emergency situation and you are not able to be here by 3:12PM to pick up your child, please let Ms. Brenda know.

Breakfast and Lunch


Reduced price is $0.30

Full price is $1.10


Reduced price is $0.40

Full price is $2.75

Fortunately, we have solved the mystery of what numbers are needed for lunch purposes, and I really appreciate Ms. Brenda, Mr. Radcliff, and all of the classroom teachers for their hard work and pleasant cooperation in getting these numbers out to families. If you have not received your number by the end of next week, Ms. Brenda can help you out with this. Some numbers were not available yesterday due to Skyward issues.

Annual Health History Updates

All returning PreK students and students in grades 1-5 will be receiving Annual Health History Updates that need to be returned as soon as possible. If you have any questions or concerns regarding these reports, please contact Nurse Amanda.

Upcoming Events in September

September 14th (rain date is the 15th) at 5:30PM: Storytime with Mrs. Montecalvo

September 15th 1:30PM-2:30PM: Special Olympics Presentation for Grades 3-5 and Mrs. Cruz's Class

September 22nd from 4:00PM-6:00PM: Open House

September 27th: Picture Day


Meeting Schedule

We will meet in the library at 4:00pm. and a google meet link will be provided for everyone’s convenience.

October 13, 2022

November 17, 2022

January 19, 2022

March 16, 2022

May 18th, 2022


Our account is @greystone_np_ri and the PTA's account is @greystonepta.
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Caught Being Kind

Next week we will award our students with the first "Kindness Awards" of the new school year. Faculty and staff members will nominate students who they notice doing something specific to show kindness towards another. Students will receive a certificate and come visit my Sticker Store when nominated and names/acts of kindness will be posted here each week.