Interested in Zoology?

A career in bioscience.

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What is a Zoologist?

They are scientists that study animals in the lab and in their natural habitats. They study the origin, development, behaviors, and interactions of animals. Some zoologists study animal diseases.

Roles of Zoologists?

Zoologists work as zookeepers, wildlife educators, researchers, and wildlife rehabilitators. A Zoologist will monitor wildlife health, conduct experiments, study organisms, set up equipment to collect pollutants, communicate with the public, and create recovery plans.
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Where do you Work?

Zoologists can work in a lot of different places. County, state, and federal agencies are known for hiring zoologists. Industries and private businesses often need a zoologist also.
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Zoologists should have at least a Bachelor's Degree. A Master's of PhD is recommended. They need strong math skills and should like and be good at working with computers. Zoologists need to be curious, have the ability to concentrate on detail, work independently, and be able to preserver. Good written and oral communication skills are very helpful.


There are many benefits to being a Zoologist and most of that comes with commitment to the field. The best benefit is being able to work with animals everyday, which I expect is the reason you are interested in this career.
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The average salary starts and about $30,000 a year and increases as their work experience increases to about $80,000 a year when they have worked for 20+ years.