Come to Ship Trap Island!

It's the best place on earth.

You will never want to leave.

On Ship Trap Island, you will have so much fun playing the games I have set up for you. My name is General Zaroff. I have a 2,000 acre island full of fascinating wildlife and plant life. On my island you will get to stay in my 40,000 square foot house. We will have a lot of fun together.

Things you will see

come dock at our beautiful stone dock

Our handmade stone dock can hold 35 boats of all sizes. It is even perfectly safe to walk on and my butler, Ivan, will give you a entrance gift of a set of keys to your luxurious new guest home.
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come visit our burmese tiger pit

It is a pit full of beautiful Burmese tigers that are super friendly and you can even pet them.
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