High School English-Lit

December 14, 2015 Class 16

For Students:

Notebook Check

Last week we had the planned notebook check. A few of you forgot to bring them in- Addison, Will, and Andrew(you had been out of town)- so please be sure to do so this week.

Essay Corrections

Reread the directions on your essay correction sheet. Do note that you are asked to turn in your corrections along with your originally graded essay. Some of you were asked to retype your essay as well

For Parents:

Testing New Grading System

You have probably seen the essay with corrections that was returned to your student last week. If not, please ask your student to let you see it. A team approach will most benefit the learners.

Research shows that students improve their writing when they have clear, specific feedback on their work. In this class, we use a variety of feedback tools- one on one teacher conferences in class and outside class, peer review, Adobe comments, video review, as well as simple written comments on the page. Last week we implemented a new correction system to the mix that utilizes correction codes. I like this as it places the burden of the correction on the student while offering clear direction.

Students learn in different ways and I am trying to match learning styles and feedback methods. On Wednesday, students will reflect on this past semester. One of the questions they will consider is which feedback method best suits their needs.

Wendy Blankinship

High School English-Lit Class

Wednesday 2015-2016


Optional Lunch Fellowship 12:00