a heros journey

odysseus is a hero because...............

Odysseus was a very wise person, because when the cyclopes asked his name he said "my name is nobody" but it doesnt end there when the neighbor cyclopes came to why polyphemus was screaming the others asked why polyphemus said "nobody, my friends, is trying to kill me". With him being smart he can save his men

He was strong to.When polyphemus passed out he and his men trusted a stake in his eye "I threw my weight on the end and twisted it round and round". The way he can put the stake in his eye is heroicly because the cyclopes eye is huge so they coundlnt do a normal sized sick.
he also was an amazing schemer ."I dreamed up all sorts of tricks and schemes". if he wasnt he wouldnt be able to come up with the plan and help them escape the cave and survive.