Connecting with Mrs. Cohen

May 9, 2021

Good Evening,

Happy Mother's Day to all of our moms celebrating today!

Tonight I want to offer information about anxiety. This may feel like a repeat, however, last week we heard from a lot of kiddos (and adults) who are feeling anxious. We have talked about anxiety a lot this year. We have also taught many different coping tools and strategies, and sometimes a refresher can be helpful.

Also included here tonight are great ideas about how to use daily mindfulness practice to build Emotional Intelligence or EI. EI can be included, in our CASEL Core 5 I have been sharing about over the past 5 weeks and the idea of building ways to self-regulate..

On Tuesday night some of our counseling team will join in the PTO meeting to speak about our partnership with the PTO Robinson Cares committee and all the great work that has been accomplished in the past year. We will also do a quick overview about our Food Pantry.

We hope to see you on zoom!

At the end of this message you can find our counseling team's contact information. We are still wrapping up some"loose ends" with MAP testing that can impact our schedules, but for the most part we will be returning to more typical schedules this week. Thanks so much for your patience these past few weeks.

Take care,



Summer is almost here and that means fun in the sun and a lot of time to play and relax.

It can also mean extra expenses as the kids are home every day and things like

sunscreen and bug spray quickly add up!

The PTO Robinson Cares Committee is once again offering summer essentials bags

to our families. Bags will have summer necessities as well as some fun activities

to keep the kids’ busy on hot days. If you would like to receive a bag for your family,

please fill out this form by May 10th or call one of our counselors at 213-6100.

What to do and not do when your child is anxious

When children are chronically anxious, even the most well-meaning parents can fall into a negative cycle and, not wanting a child to suffer, actually exacerbate the youngster’s anxiety.

What is Anxiety?

*From The Child Mind Institute*

While feeling anxious is a natural reaction to stressful situations, an anxiety disorder can be diagnosed when a child’s anxiety interferes with her ability to handle everyday situations, or prompts her to avoid things that most people her age enjoy.

Anxiety has many symptoms and can look very different from child to child. Here are some common signs that might indicate an anxiety disorder:

  • Trouble sleeping
  • Complaining about stomachaches or other physical problems
  • Avoiding situations
  • Exhibiting clingy behavior around parents or caregivers
  • Trouble focusing in class or being very fidgety
  • Disruptive behavior and explosive outbursts
  • Overly self-conscious behavior

We are unable to learn when we are dysregulated, so the best time to teach these higher-level learning skills is proactively, during regulated moments via connection. Here are 10 ways!


What: PTO Robinson Cares Food Pantry

Date: May 21st

Time: 6pm - 7:30 pm

Where: Trinity Presbyterian Church

1110 S. Glenwood Lane, Kirkwood, MO 63122

The last PTO Robinson Cares Food Pantry of the school year will be held on Friday, May 21st!

We are so grateful to the PTO Robinson Cares Committee for taking the lead in keeping our pantry open this year. Co-chairs Shannon Ross and Kristi Conroy did an amazing job of finding us a home at Trinity Presbyterian Church this year. The committee has worked diligently each month to stock the pantry. We could not have a pantry at Robinson this year due to the pandemic, and we are so very grateful to this committee and the PTO for making sure the pantry continued as an option for families.


Indria Harris

School Counselor, preK-2nd grade

314-213-6100, ext. 4061

Julie Cohen

School Counselor, 3rd-5th grade

314-213-6100, ext. 4040

Tonya Ampey-Elong

Social Worker, KSD

314-213-6100, ext. 8060

Ana Shields

Educational Support Counselor