Blue & Silver Newsletter

For the week of 2/12/18

Valentine's Celebration and Service Project

Class Lists for Cards

We will be celebrating Valentine's Day, Wednesday February 14th, by completing a group service project, enjoying a small class party, and exchanging Valentine's cards.

Valentine's Party

Wednesday February 14th

1:45 - 2:30

Your child may bring Valentine's to exchange. Your child needs a box or bag to collect the Valentine's cards they receive. Please have them bring their boxes beginning Monday February 12th.

Volunteer Luncheon is Friday!

We love our volunteers! We will be celebrating our volunteers Friday with a volunteer luncheon. Please join us for lunch in the Sojourn 11:45 - 12:15 so that we may honor you!

Important Dates

2/14 Valentine's Party @ 1:45 - 2:30

2/16 Volunteer Luncheon 11:45 - 12:15

2/19 Student Holiday

3/9 Titan Trot

3/12-3/16 Spring Break

Our Learning Targets

Reading: We can summarize and explain the lesson or message of a work of fiction as its theme.

Writing: We can write compositions that include a central idea, supporting sentences, and a concluding statement.

Social Studies: We can create a timeline of Stephen Austin's experiences beginning in 1820.

Math: We can determine if two fractions are equivalent using a variety of strategies. We can compare two fractions with different numerators and different denominators.

Science: We can differentiate among forms of energy, including mechanical, sound, electrical, light, and heat/thermal. We can demonstrate that electricity travels in a closed path.

Spelling List for the week

begin, ship, fact, themselves, movement, useless, restless, pavement, peaceful, fondness, neatness, speechless, statement, penniless, treatment

Bonus Words: desperate, approvingly, concentrate, eagerly, resolution

Second Step

Handling Put-Downs

Calming down helps you handle put-downs and avoid making conflicts escalate.

Students will be able to:

- Identify strategies for handling put-downs

- Demonstrate what they’ve learned about strategies for calming down

- Demonstrate assertive responses to put-downs

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Classroom Supplies

Some of our classroom supplies are running low. We are in need of Clorox wipes, baby wipes, glue sticks, and ultra fine tip black Expo markers. As always, we appreciate any help you can offer! Thanks in advance. :)

Classroom Shutterfly

The Room Reps for our classes have put together a Shutterfly site for our classes. If you haven't joined yet, here is the information:

Shutterfly Information & Photo Sharing Site - Did you know...

Our Averitt / Torres class has a Shutterfly site!

The purpose is to help keep you informed, track calendar events and messaging as well as collect & share photos from classroom activities!

If you are interested in access, please contact us, or click this link to request access:

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