The Film

By Kate Northrop

Author's Biography

Kate Northrop was born in 1969. She earned a bachelor degree from University of Pennsylvania, and a MFA from the University of Iowa.

The Film

Come, let’s go in.

The ticket-taker

has shyly grinned

and it’s almost time,

Lovely One.

Let’s go in.

The wind tonight’s too wild.

The sky too deep,

too thin. Already it’s time.

The lights have dimmed.

Come, Loveliest.

Let’s go in

and know these bodies

we do not have to own, passing

quietly as dreams, as snow.

Already leaves are falling

and music begins.

Lovely One,

it’s time.

Let’s go in.

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The meaning of the poem is finding an escape, the way the author relates the poem to nature could be her finding the escape she needs.

The theme of this poem is anywhere can be an escape. This would be a theme because the movie is the escape for the author. She relates the film to peacefulness in nature, which could also be an escape for her.

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