Miss Brown's Bulletin

Week of January 18-22

Mad Minute

Before break, students began working on weekly Mad Minutes to show their multiplication mastery. All students began with 1's, and each week as they master their Mad Minute, they will move onto the next number. A Mad Minute is made up of 21 multiplication problems using the factor they are working towards mastering. They need to get 20 or more correct in a minute to master that number. Each time they master a factor, they earn a part to an ice cream sundae that they will get to enjoy this Spring. Please check Monday folder for weekly Mad Minutes and communicate with your child so you can help them practice.

Classroom Drinks

Just a friendly reminder that students are permitted to have bottles of water throughout the day their desks, but no other beverage is permitted to be at their desks throughout the school day. Please avoid flavored water that changes the color of the drink as this may be perceived to be juice. Thank you for your cooperation.


Mobile Science Lab

Unfortunately we had a snow day on the original day for 3rd graders to attend the Mobile Science Lab. Due to a heavy schedule, we are unsure whether or not the lab will be able to come back for us to attend. If so, it will be in May. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Report Cards

Report cards were sent home last week in Monday folders. However, Mastery Connect has a more "parent friendly" version that was released to us this week. So I will send this copy home for you to have this week in Monday folders. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me. Just a reminder, this is the same information that came home last Monday, just in a new format.

We Are Learning To...

Language Arts

In Language Arts we will continue to read our text Dragon of the Red Dawn as we practice identifying key ideas and details of a text and how to answer text dependent questions. We will also be doing practice with using context clues to determine the meaning of unfamiliar vocabulary.


In Math we will be looking at Topic C, which focuses on the associate and distributive property of multiplication and division. We will also be looking at word problems involving multiplication and division and using various strategies to solve them. Students will have a quiz over Topic C on Friday. A Topic C newsletter will come home in Monday folders so you may help your child with the content this week.