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January 29, 2021

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Yesterday report cards and NWEA winter results were sent home with our in-person students. If your child is an HVA student you will be receiving these documents in the mail. Please sit down with your child/ren to review their academics and citizenship. As you are aware, character defines us at the Academy and citizenship is equally important as academic progress. Unfortunately, the second marking period required a switch to remote learning for our f2f students, resulting in some dips in grades. For some students, virtual learning is a struggle, as each learner has their preferred learning method. We are confident that our students who did not perform well remotely will improve now that we are back in-person. Overall, our Huskies did a beautiful job last term. Well done! It's great to be a Husky!

Open Enrollment

Holly Academy's annual open enrollment period extends from the day we return from winter break through March. Please remember to re-enroll your Huskies on the Google Form link below by February 26th. If you have a Y5 or kindergarten sibling you must fill out an application form. This is sometimes confusing to families. All brand new students must have application and registration forms filled out prior to acceptance. Spread the word to your friends and family that Holly Academy is accepting new students into our stellar program! Character Defines Us!

Re-enrollment link: https://forms.gle/k5UJduYTBi5R1wRFA

New student application:

National School Board Recognition Month

January is National School Board Recognition Month. This is the time to recognize and celebrate the hard work of our volunteer Board of Directors. We are so appreciative of our Board as they have helped us navigate through the unprecedented past year. The Board has made many crucial decisions in this COVID environment, and throughout, has been steadfast in putting our Huskies first. Prioritizing face-to-face instruction, while ensuring the safety of students and staff has been at the forefront of all decisions. We applaud the Board for donating countless hours to governing Holly Academy, which in no small measure adds to our success. THANK YOU to our outstanding Board:

David Cruickshank, President
Joan Ehrhardt, Vice President

Stephen Jenkins, Treasurer
Dylan Adams, Secretary
Diane Wujciak, Director
Doreen DeBenedictus, Director
Amy Hillman, Director

Annual Education Report

All school districts must publish an Annual Education Report following the Michigan Department of Education guidelines. Please view our 19/20 AER on our website. Paper copies are available in the main office. Dare to be remarkable!
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It is hard to believe that we are halfway through this school year already! I often tell teachers at this point in the year, that we will blink our eyes and it will be June. For some reason, the second half of the school year always goes by so quickly.

As we move into the second semester and a return to face-to-face learning, I want to share a few reminders to our families. Our expectation for teachers is to respond to emails during the school week within 24 hours. Whether your student is in-person, blended, or virtual, please remember that teachers are not always immediately available and will get back to you at their earliest convenience. We appreciate your patience.

Additionally, please remember to check Skyward and your student’s grade level Google Calendar weekly to ensure they are staying on track with assignments and their grades.

We could not get through this school year without the support of our entire Husky Pack! Thank you, families! Power of the Pack!

World Read Aloud Day

Wednesday, February 3rd is World Read Aloud Day. Reading aloud to your child or having them read aloud to you is a great way to spend time together! Join millions around the world to celebrate #WRAD. To receive free resources and activities to help your family celebrate, please visit https://scholastic.wufoo.com/forms/world-read-aloud-day-2021/.
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Healthy Huskies

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If you or your Husky receives a positive COVID result, please contact the school as soon as possible. On a weekend or in the evening, you can email any of the administrators. There are measures that we have to take immediately, including contacting the health department if a student tests positive. Thank you.
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  • Feb. 5 - PBIS dress down, $1.00
  • Feb 10 - Count Day
  • Feb. 11 - PTO meeting at 8:15am via Zoom
  • Feb 12 - Half day, dismiss at 11:30am
  • Feb. 15 - No school, Presidents' Day
  • Feb. 19 - PTO dress down, $1.00
  • Feb. 22 -Virtual Y5/K Family Meet and Greet at 6:30pm
  • Feb. 24 - Board of Director's meeting, 5:30pm
  • Feb. 25 - Virtual Parent Teacher Conferences from 1:00-4:30pm and 6:00-8:00pm
  • Feb. 25 - Half day, dismiss at 11:30am
  • Feb. 26 - Half day, dismiss at 11:30am, free dress down day.
  • March 5 - Music department dress down, $1.00
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Through HAEF, you can leave a lasting imprint for your child on Academy grounds. A personalized paver is a permanent way to document your child’s years at Holly Academy. Pavers ordered this school year are installed over the summer. Students returning to HA next fall will enjoy finding their pavers and seeing it as they grow throughout their years at the Academy.
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March Pizza Form

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March Milk Form

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Mother/Son Bowling

In pre-covid times we were attempting to create an annual mother/son event. This typically has been a bowling event, as it is an enjoyable pastime for moms and boys. As bowling alleys are open in Michigan, it would be wonderful to hold a mother/son bowling outing this year. The PTO Board is looking for a parent or two to plan this event. Please contact the PTO at PTO.hollyacademy@gmail.com if you are interested in chairing this event. It's great to be a Husky!

PTO Elections

Elections for the PTO Board are held at the April meeting. There will be some turnover of our current Board for the 21/22 school year. Typically, we like prospective candidates to have attended three PTO meetings prior to being nominated for a Board seat. Should you be interested and not meet this requirement, please follow-through by emailing PTO.hollyacademy@gmail.com, we do not want to turn away any candidates that have a passion to serve! Power of the Pack!

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