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August 31, 2020

From the Principal

Ranger Patrons,

Three full weeks are now complete, and RP students and staff are beginning to settle into a routine. Midterm grades will be available at the end of this week. Midterms serve as an opportunity for students and parents to see how their learning has been assessed at the midpoint of the 9-week grade period.

Teachers have expressed concern of students not completing or submitting work on application days. As you will recall, both the in-person and virtual models of school for grades 6-8 have students receiving direct instruction on days that are alternated with application days. The need to fill instruction days with meaningful instruction requires that students complete their practice and demonstrate their knowledge on application days. If students are not engaged with work during application days or submitting assignments to be assessed, then their learning is incomplete.

The master schedule was developed so that students could follow a daily routine both at school and at home. Virtual learning and application days require students to focus within a home environment that is otherwise driven by either a different routine or leisure. Parents can assist by helping students stick to a school routine during the week. Setting up a structured learning area within the home and requiring students to complete work on the same schedule that they would be attending classes on instruction day can go far in establishing a formal learning environment at home within which kids can complete learning activities.

Parent Communication Notes:

- contact teachers directly with questions and concerns regarding midterm grades. Staff contacts may be found on the Raymond Park Staff Directory Page.

- review your student's Canvas learning platform pages for information on each class and upcoming assignments. A tutorial is provided here.

- see your student's current grades, attendance and discipline through ParentVUE. Directions for access are here.


VIRTUAL Students and Parents/Caregivers:

  • Don’t forget that we will continue to distribute breakfast and lunches for all VIRTUAL students on Tuesday and Friday mornings from 8AM-9:30AM at Moorhead Community Resource Center. We have also added a Tuesday distribution time in the evening from 4:30-6:30PM.
  • Thank you for continuing to use Moorhead Community Resource Center to support your device needs. Their hours of operation are Monday-Friday, from 11-1PM. **Your technology needs can also be supported though submitting a helpdesk ticket through IncidentIQ Support System. If you are in need of a WiFi Hotspot, you can use IncidentIQ Support System to make the request or you can contact your homeschool.


The Raymond Park PTSA fundraiser continues this week. This year's fundraiser will be completely online, and students are NOT encouraged to make door-to-door visits. Students can earn prizes for participation, and be entered into a drawing by simply emailing or texting 10 contacts with fundraiser information. Details can be found at www.clubschoicefundraising.com - RP's unique school code for registration online is RAYM24, OR text this code to 715-861-6908. Orders will be accepted through September 7, and product is set to arrive by September 30.


M-W-F this week are gold schedule days. T-Th are black schedule days. In-person students and staff have done a great job in following the protocols of wearing a face covering, social distancing and frequently washing and sanitizing hands. Continuation of these protocols as well as the provisions of MSD Warren's S.A.F.E Reopening Plan will allow for RP's continued success. Keep up the good work, Rangers!

John Kleine, Ed.D.


RP Athletic Safety Guidelines

Spectators for all sports will be limited to immediate family members. 250 total spectators will be allowed admission into RPIMS events. Immediate family does include grandparents and step-parents.

  • Home Football and Volleyball: Tickets will go on sale on site 45 minutes before the start time of the event and will be available on a first come first serve basis. Tickets will be $5 general admission, $3 for children ages 5 and up, and $13 for a family pass which includes two adults and three children.

  • Employees planning to attend games will be granted entrance for just the badge holder.

  • Away game/match ticketing and safety information will be determined by the opposing school. Ticketing and safety information for away games/matches will be provided to coaches for distribution as soon as it is available to ADs. Plan on masks being required.

Game Day at RPIMS

  • Face coverings are REQUIRED for all indoor events and recommended for outdoor events when social distancing does not occur.

  • Family units may sit together but must be using 6 feet of social distancing between another family unit.

  • Avoid congregating near concessions or bathrooms when applicable.

  • Fans are encouraged to arrive 45 minutes prior to start time.

  • Concessions will be provided utilizing guidelines from ISDH and MCPHD. Concessions will be prepackaged, and concessionaires will be required to wear face coverings and gloves at all times.

**Please note, all guidelines listed above follow the direction provided by the MCPHD, IHSAA, and NFHS**

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2020-2021 RPI&MS Car rider procedures

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Raymond Park PTSA

Join Raymond Park PTSA with new membership incentives.

RP PTSA membership signups will be accepted ONLY through our online square website.

To join, please click on the PTA button below or go to raymond-park-ptsa.square.site and select the membership option that works for you.

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Contact Us

Dr. John Kleine - Principal


Dr. Leondra Radford - 5th Grade Dean


Mrs. Adrienne Mathews - 5th Grade Counselor


Mrs. Jina Simmons - 6th Grade Assistant Principal


Mr. Andrew McAulay - 6th Grade Counselor


Ms. Amy Piskoty - 7th Grade Dean


Ms. Katie Piatt - 7th Grade Counselor


Mr. Bill Halpin -8th Grade Dean


Mrs. Irish Parish -8th Grade Counselor


Lisa Stewart - Nurse