GenNET Virtual Canvas + Accelerate

supporting MI educators beyond Genesee County

Teacher Professional Learning to prepare for the 2020-21 school year

In March 2020, educators across the country were faced with challenges some were never prepared for during school closures due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Since those early days, educators have learned a lot.

In preparation for the 2020-21 school year, as educators face new challenges, the EdTech Team at the Genesee Intermediate School District is ready to help prepare them for the return to school.

Multiple topics for learning will be available in "LIVE" virtual formats as well as recordings of the very same sessions for viewing and continued learning later. Topics available in 60-minute lengths including questions and answers include:

  • Getting Started with Canvas
  • Getting Started With Accelerate in Canvas
GenNET Virtual Support

Please visit our GenNET Virtual Support site to explore resources, watch session recordings and view our FAQ page.

Sessions: Week 4 (August 25 - 27)

Tuesday 8/25/2020

Wednesday 8/26/2020

Thursday 8/27/2020

Sessions: Week 3 (August 18-20)

Tuesday 8/18/2020

Wednesday 8/19/2020

Thursday 8/20/2020

Sessions: Week 2 (August 11-13)

Tuesday 8/11/2020

Wednesday 8/12/2020

Thursday 8/13/2020

Sessions: Week 1 (August 5-6)

Wednesday 8/5/2020

Thursday 8/6/2020


Q: Is each session (or offering) of a topic the same content?

A: YES - we are offering multiple options for teachers to register and learn with our EdTech Team. For example, Getting Started with Canvas is offered three (3) times during the 1st week of August.

Q: Do I need to register?

A: NO - for outside of Genesee County you do not need to register

Q: Are sessions recorded?

A: YES - sessions will be recorded. Slides, resources, recordings, etc. will be shared after the event with participants.

Q: Are SCECHs available?

A: YES - 0.75 credits are available for each session. If you attended the webinar or watched the recording, you will need to complete this evaluation form.


Contact Anthony Buza via email at: