Kiddie Mushers

Bryce Riffel, Kayla Barr February 4, 2016 Pd:1& 5

Marvelous Mushers

  • The Junior Iditarod are open to teens 14 -17 years old
  • Junior Iditarod racers are called mushers
  • Mushers are people who guide and care for their dogs
  • They call out commands: "gee" and "haw" to take right or left turns
  • to stop they say "whoa"

All About Junior Iditarods

  • Their journey takes longer than a weekend
  • It has happened every February since 1973
  • Dog minimum is 7
  • Dog maximum is 10

Rowdy Route

How it all Began

  • 1925- people and their dogs in Anchorage delivered medicine for the sick children in Nome
  • Dog sleds were used to carry mail and supplies
  • Dog sleds once were a primary source of transportation

Rules of the Race

  • Dogs must be checked no longer than 14 days before race
  • Have to be up to date on shots
  • Each dog is required to wear dog booties (shoes to protect dogs feet and keeps their feet warm)
  • Mushers must have: dog food, dog food cookers, and 8 dog booties
  • At halfway they must take a ten hour break
  • Mushers slip ganglines (padded harnesses) over dogs

Junior Iditarods v.s. Iditarod

Here are differences from the Junior Iditarod form the regular Iditarod

  • Iditarod is 1,150 miles
  • Starts in Wasilla Alaska
  • Compete for 69,000 dollars and a new truck
  • 16 dogs are are allowed
  • Up to 9 -15 days


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