Raymond's Run

Kyle Fryer

Raymond's Run is about a girl who has to watch her special needs brother everyday. While she is watching him she is training everyday for a fifty yard dash she preforming in. Unlike many girls she cant stand wearing dresses and dancing and being lady like. After she wins the race she notices that Raymond (her little brother) has the makings of becoming a really good run. She decides that she has enough ribbons and trophies and thinks she should train Raymond so he can get some of his own. There are many things you can infer from this story. For example you can infer Squeaky and her mother have very tense relationship. Another thing that you can infer is that taking care of Raymond's takes up a lot of time in Squeaky's life and w=will be difficult as she gets older. The main conflict in Raymond's Run is the rivalry between Squeaky and Gretchen. I think this is the conflict because the whole story is basically Squeaky training so she can prove to Gretchen shes not afraid by winning the May day race. The way Squeaky and Gretchen influence the conflict is they are both super competitive and will do anything to win so it make the story much more interesting. If i had to pick a theme for this story I would say its finds your identity. I think this because the whole story Sqeaky is trying to figure her life out and in the end she figures it out