Mesopotamia is a region located in between the Euphrates and the Tigris rivers. The tempurature in the summer is around 100 degrees during the day in the summer and around 80 degrees near nighttime. However in he winter Mesopotamias weather is around 45 degrees. In Mesopotamia they have many crops such as onions, potatoes, wheat and barley and many more things like herbs, fruits, and vegetables along with spices. The major rivers near Mesopotamia are the Euphrates and Tigris rivers which surround Mesopotamia another body of water near Mesopotamia is the Mediterannean Sea. The climate in Mesopotamia helps with growing the crops the rivers water can also help the growing of the crops in Mesopotamia although the rivers flood that causes alot of mud and can wash away all of the crops. The water also helps with tranpsortation in oreder for them to ride boats to move around. Alo0ng with helping the dcrops, and using the water for transportation the water also helps the mesopotamians way of water resources that wat they can gather water and use it in the ways that they need water for. Although the mesopotamians lived 5,000+ years ago some of their ibventions have impacted on us such as........ 


The writing they had in Mesopotamia satrted as pictograms these were pictures on clay tablets.After this they used cuneiform which is a form of ancient writing this was a better way of communication for them. We now use the same kind of writing in larger sections of the world to make our communication easier

Royal Tombs in Ur

There were 1800 tombs but out of them all only 16 had special items in them. They were then called “The Royal Tombs”. The impact this made on Mesopotamia was that they had found the Royal Tombs and had discovered something new. Now some areas in modern society still use tombs.

Mudbrick Ziggurats

These religious ziggurats were discovered in Sumer these ziggurats were later on used in Babylonian and Assyrian. The impact left on ancient Mesopotamia was that ziggurats were then used in a more expanded area. This has left a religious mark on modern society.

Warfare in Assyria

The Warfare in Assyria had left the rule that regions which had been conquered by the Assyrian army had to pay tribute to the king every year, but if they rebelled the army was sent after him. This made an impact that they leaned to fight in order to earn the things they wanted or were sent to do. In modern society we now have an army and we fight for our freedom in the US.