Respiratory System Notes

Created by Evan Bird, Luke Horak, Rachel Okereke, Jonathan S


The Respiratory System lets us get oxygen from the air and fuel our body. The Respiratory system also helps us get rid of carbon dioxide waste.


  • Lungs are the main organs in the process of exhaling and inhaling.
  • The diaphragm, chest muscles, and rib cage are vital to breathe.
  • The skull has spaces called sinuses that have air in them.

How it Works

As we inhale, air enters the body through the nose or mouth and goes to the top of the throat. This leads to the trachea which is your windpipe and branches into two smaller tubes called bronchi. The air goes to the lungs where blood releases carbon dioxide. The blood also takes oxygen from the lungs. When we breathe out, the air takes the same path but in reverse order. As the air goes out, it passes through the larynx, also known as the voice box.
Respiration-Ventilation 3D Medical Animation