Christmas around the World

France and Germany

Other Traditions

In France there are three cakes a bean is in one cake whoever finds the bean is King or Queen for the day.In Germany they put on plays from the bible.


In Germany the foods that they eat is suckling pig,carp,or goose.In France the most common food is buche de Noel a chocolate sponge cake.

Day Of

In Germany December 6 is Christmas.In France December 6 and New Years Day is Christmas.

Gift Bearer

In France the gift bearer is Pere Noel accompanied by Le Pere Fouettard.In Germany the gift bearer is Der Nikolaus with Krampus who punishes the bad children.

Night Before

In Germany the children go to a locked room where there is a tree that is decorated.In France children leave their shoes by the fire and a log is burned all night.

Important Dates

In France children get their gifts on December 6.The adults get their gifts on New Years Day.In Germany December 5 and December 6 is when they get their gifts.