Hope you enjoy! By: Avery,Payne,Annie, and Camden.


One of the best things at Sky Ranch is Rec Time. The first thing you will want to do during Rec Time is head to the Party Pool and soar through the air on the trapeze. When you go on the trapeze you will feel like you are flying in the air. If you ever get hungry during Rec Time you can head over to Sky Cafe with some friends. They have the best food ever and their milkshakes are delicious and creamy. I loved the zip-lining. You go so fast and you get to race your friends down the ride. The crazy slides were spectacular. The slides were so crazy and fast. Rec Time is is the best thing at Sky Ranch.

Forces of Nature!

Forces of nature is a class you can't miss at Sky Ranch!

We learned about weathering, erosion, and deposition in the amazing rock garden and even made up song and dance about it. While we were still having fun in the rock garden we did lots of amazing things we even got told a myth about how rocks are made(which was myth that seemed only kindergarteners would believe).

I loved the class when we had to make a potato zip line and challenge it to different speeds. We made the potato go different speeds by putting weight and things like that on the potato. When we were supposed to make our potato go slow we accidently made it go faster instead, but we still had loads of fun.

One thing you can't forget is rocket flying! Most of my fun went to launching rockets, all rockets had to be made to do something like our group had the best are was suppose to be made to explode and of course are rocket exploded. Making the rockets were fun we decorated ours with duck tape and designs. One rocket went so far it went way back deep in the woods.

Make it Rain! I loved the class where we had to make the place rain by closing our eyes and saying some magical code. Of course they were just sprinklers coming out of pipes so it wasn't real. But that's not it we also learned most of the steps of the water cycle(even though I already know it).

Forces of Nature was one of the most marvelous classes at Sky ranch.


Horseback riding

At Sky Ranch horseback riding is something you can't miss.At Sky Ranch they don't have time to learn name,so you get the name of your horse,I got Truck so my name was Truck.

Compost pile

When you are at the compost pile the first thing you do is mix, mix like you mean it. The tools you get are a shovel, pitchfork, and your handy hands. You also pick weeds and water plants.

Cattle drive

The longer, dangerous,more $¢ to take cow north. You get to Pick what barb wire you would want,It is to keep cowboys out so you would have to go through,or around. (There is even a cute cat)

All the things you experience at Ranch Life are things you can never forget.

American Indians

When you go to Sky Ranch the number one thing on your list should be to go see the American Indians. You go back to the 1600’s and you get to learn all about what the American Indians did. First, you meet the Indians Baby Bear, Mama Bear,and Papa bear. Then you meet La Salle the explorer. Then, Baby Bear will take you to sit by a bowl and a smasher she will put corn in there and you will have to grind it! Next, you will you to see the teepee and the wigwam. After, you go to big Papa bear! You will get to archer with him it really fun! Also Papa bear will show you weapons they are really cool! Then you go to Mama bear you get to feel these rocks and you get to trace them in your book. And this is what amazed me! It was called the bull roar! It makes a noise to scare the Bulls when you swing it. Then, you also get to go La Salle he lets you try popcorn ( that's not have any butter on it). And he also gives you beef jerky. And what I think is the best is they paint everybody's face differently and they give you your own Indian name mine was Corn Blossom but people called me Sparkle! Then you will go back to 2017 agin. The American Indians is so fun you are never going to forget your time in sky ranch!