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April 2018

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Brickies InnovateWithIN!

InnovateWithIN is a competition for high school innovators who have an idea for a business, product, service, technology, or other ventures. One of our high school teacher's, Mr. Schultz, introduced the competition to his class and with their ideas in hand they started to put together their pitches. They had support with educational training videos that helped the students generate ideas, identify opportunities, and make an excellent pitch. Also, the assistance of their teacher, who himself is an entrepreneur. The first round was submitted in early February which consisted of each team preparing a one-page executive summary outlining the business idea and market opportunity, optional powerpoint, and a 3-5 minute video of their pitch! From these submissions, 10 teams were selected from each of the 9 regions that make up the state of Indiana. Our Brickies did a great job by making up 6 of the 10 group finalists in our region! Round two was held in early March for our region with each group giving a live demonstration in front of judges. They had to create a powerpoint, give a pitch, and answer multiple questions that the judges had. Each group member had to speak and every one of our groups did a great job. Unfortunately, our Brickies did not take the top spot for our Region and will not advance to the final round, but the knowledge and experience that was gained through this competition is something that they will use for the rest of their lives. Great job to all of you!

JROTC Is Going To The National Finals And Earned A Prestigious Award!

Between the months of October and February, the JROTC JLAB Leadership team competed against over one-thousand and seven-hundred teams in the National Leadership Bowl. Stakes were high, as the winning team in each region would earn a five-day trip to Washington DC and the ability to compete in the JROTC Leadership Bowl National Championship. After waiting for months, the team finally received the results that they won the 7th Brigade Regional Championship, outscoring all teams in the region covering Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, and Tennessee! Overall, the team scored within the top three percent of the nation’s competing teams! The five cadets, juniors Victoria Wehmeyer and Trinity Salinas, and sophomores Justice Greenleaf, Jay Murphy, and Jack Olson have worked extremely hard for this accomplishment. Since September, team captain Wehmeyer has prepared her teammates by creating online practice quizzes and scheduling mandatory practices every Wednesday. Each team member eagerly trained with the hopes of earning their way into the National Championship. Now that the team has secured their position in the National Championship, they will be treated to a five-day trip to the nation’s capital for competition and touring. The cadets will reside in dorms at The Catholic University of America, where the competition will be hosted. By securing their position in the National Finals, they have earned the prestigious Marshall Award, which fewer than one in one thousand cadets earn! Proud of the Brickies! #BrickieUp
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Chess Teams Head to State and Return With A Title!

Last month, 20 Hobart middle school and high school students competed in the Scholastic Chess Of Indiana Team State Competition - the most competitors Hobart has entered in one of these tournaments! Matches started at 9:00 am and did not conclude until 6:00 pm. Each team played a total of 5 rounds throughout the day, which displayed their determination and grit, all while enjoying the competition.

Our Hobart middle school Team A - Dakota Vanderberg, Ethan Cover, Brennis Carrillo, and Jeffrey Howard- finished 3rd place in the State of Indiana! This team of voracious chess competitors spent much extra time preparing for this competition, and the fruits of their labor is very well-deserved. Outstanding job to all of you and keep on playing, preparing, and competing! We are proud of you!

Hobart Middle Schools PLTW Apps Class!

At our Hobart Middle School, 6th grade teacher Randy Griffith leads a class of students to create Apps! PLTW App Creators introduces students to the field of computer science and the concepts of computational thinking, through the creation of mobile apps. Students are challenged to be creative and innovative, as they collaboratively design and develop mobile solutions to engaging, authentic problems as well as partake in game creation. Check out the link below to see a commercial created by Grace and Dominique to market their math app. Or come see Mr. Griffith and some of the students demonstrate at the April 5th board meeting! Great ideas, Brickies!
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Miss McQuade's Class Extracts Home!

Hobart High School's Biology teacher, Miss McQuade, has been blowing the minds of our students all year. Most recently she reviewed the science of DNA and the different ways it is used. Question is, how do you get it? Many times we will see people on T.V. getting it from a swab of a cheek, the end of a cigarette butt, or after drinking from a glass. Then it is taken to a lab analyst where machines are put to use to extract the DNA, it is then input into a computer and just like that, a crime is solved within a 1 hour episode! Her class took a different route and found that extracting DNA isn't that challenging, you just need patience and a few basic household products. You won't be able to solve a crime, especially within an hour, but it is a cool way to learn about DNA and the process. Check out the video below and see how a group of her students created a video showing just how you can do it!
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The Theatre Department Leaves Us Feeling Happy!

This Spring's play You Can't Take It With You is a comedic play that originated in the 1930's. It is based around a family that is a little different, wacky if you will, that beats to their own drum even though others may not agree with their "live life to the fullest" philosophies. As the family goes through life, others have a hard time accepting them for who they are but soon start to realize that though they are different, they are inspiring, leaving the audience with a moral that you can always live life to the fullest as long as you are happy. Our Brickies helped show us that happiness is not viewed the same by everyone, but inner happiness will take you far! From the painting of the sets, the designing of the costumes, the location of the lights, and the countless hours put into making this play perfect - our theatre department shined and we could not be prouder!

Youth Speaker Brandon White Inspired Our Schools!

This past month youth speaker and youth motivator, Brandon White, came to our Middle and High schools for a inspiring and very different style of presentation. His "Own It" movement inspires students to own who they are and be willing to "Love the Tough" - to step out of their comfort zone, which is tough, and enjoy the outcome and learning experience that they will gain. Over time the "tough" stuff will become easier and they will start to "own" their individual self. Brandon incorporated much more than the typical presentation with unique humor and modern day dancing! The students were entirely engaged and enjoyed him very much. During the lunch hours, students were encouraged to join him the the gymnasiums to learn how to dance. That's right, dance! They comfortably opened up to each other on the dance floor while learning skillful moves. It was a different, unique experience that caught the attention of all that were there. We hope to see Brandon at our schools again!
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Scheduling Classes - Be Ready! Hobart University

Why Early College in high school?
We are fully committed to combining high school and college in a rigorous, supportive environment that enables any interested and qualifying Hobart High School student to graduate with high school and college credit.

We know, from research, that Early College students are outperforming their peers nationwide:

  • 90% graduate high school vs. 78% of students nationally
  • 94% earn free college credit while in high school
  • 30% earn an Associate's degree or other post-secondary credentials while in high school

Take a look at the links below for more information!

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Help your child succeed by setting S.M.A.R.T. Goals!

You can work with your students by helping them set specific, measurable, achieveable, results-focused, and time-bound (S.M.A.R.T.) Goals!
Our students can login into Google and access these forms. You can do this together and have them submit to their teacher. Monitor progress together!

Student Plan to Achieve My S.M.A.R.T. Goal -

S.M.A.R.T. Short-Term Goal Setting Worksheet -

3rd Quarter S.M.A.R.T Goal -

4th Quarter S.M.A.R.T Goal -

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Academic Brickyard

“A leader's job is not to do the work for others, it's to help others figure out how to do it themselves, to get things done, and to succeed beyond what they thought possible.” - Simon Sinek

Over the past few months, a group of HHS senior students (Samantha Meyer, Rebecca Meyer, Emily Zanolla, and Paige Nestich) met with our Superintendent, Dr. Buffington, and our Director of College and Careers, Mr. Krieg, and together created the Academic Brickyards. The Academic Brickyards are modeled after writing centers and tutoring centers found at most colleges and universities. During their Success Period, these students (along with some other senior student leaders they recruited) voluntarily give up their time in order to serve others. They meet with their peers to help them with Math or English work. In doing so, they are modeling the leadership skills Sinek points out since they are helping their peers figure out how to solve difficult math problems, work through syntactical difficulties, navigate the blurry lines involved in a citation, apply difficult concepts and mathematical formulas, and other related concepts. Together, they are helping one another succeed beyond what was once thought to be possible.

Our student leaders are determined to leave a legacy, and this legacy is all about service and helping our Brickies build their skills, knowledge, and competencies brick-by-brick. As leaders, this group of students is already planning the next phase of what these Academic Brickyards could entail. They are meeting with English and Math teachers, talking with Administrators, and most importantly getting feedback from their peers. In addition, they are even utilizing marketing approaches they learn about in their Business courses to promote the Academic Brickyards. They even worked with Mr. Crouch (Radio/TV Instructor) to create a promotional video that was shown to all of the students at Hobart High School, and they worked with our Director of Technology to create Academic Brickyard banners (as displayed) that are now displayed in front of each converted Learning Centers. From time to time, an English tutor may even go over to the Math Lab to get some extra help and vice versa.

Looking to the future, these students are even looking to recruit the next group of student tutors who can pick up where they left off. Leadership, as these students are experiencing, is much like a relay race - they’re running their leg but getting ready to pass the baton off to the next leaders. Not only are our Brickies getting extra help, but our student leaders are also growing as leaders and gaining experiences that will yield dividends for years to come. As these student leaders say, they hope their peers take advantage of this resource and build their knowledge and abilities one number or one word at a time.

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Khan Academy - Can Help You Achieve More On Your SAT's! Just Ask Zack!

Zack Fattore is currently a senior at Hobart High School. He serves as a leader in a number of ways, including serving as the Senior Class President and a captain of the wrestling team. He is graduating at the top of his class with a 4.61 GPA and is currently ranked as the number 2 wrestler at 170lbs in Indiana. In the Fall, he will be attending the University of Chicago on scholarship for both academics and wrestling.

His GPA and class rank were not the only things that guaranteed his acceptance into a great college or university. There is another piece of the college application puzzle that he, like every other student planning to go to college or earn a technical certificate, had to face - the SAT. With a goal in mind to help educate others about the importance of the SAT, Zack worked with Dr. Buffington, Mr. Krieg, Mr. Crouch, and the Radio/TV class to script, film, and produce a public service announcement on how Khan Academy helped him earn a PERFECT score of 800 on the Math section of the SAT and raise his overall score by over 200 points in just 15 months. You can see the video below!

When we asked Zack about how he prepped for the SAT using Khan Academy, he said:

“When I practiced, I first learned how the SAT is formatted. This helped me because when I took the SAT, I was aware of how the test works and what common questions it asks. The second thing I did was that I took a practice test to determine my current skills. After I saw where my weaknesses were, I planned to improve them. You must do the same and utilize the website’s full potential by targeting what you need. Khan is useful for learning personalization. Once I knew the test and strengthened my weaknesses, the best thing I could do was continually take practice tests and learn from what I was missing.” In Zack's closing statement, his best advice was "Start early. I made so much progress in just 15 months, when I wasn't even practicing the entire time. Imagine if you have 2 or 3 years of practice under your belt. You need to invest your time in this website because it is extremely beneficial.” Hear more from Zack in his video below!

If you haven’t already done so, please go to and sign in with your school-provided Gmail account.

You Khan do it!
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2018 - 2019 School Year Calendar

We know that many of you enjoy vacations and look forward to planning them! Take a look at our 2018 - 2019 School Year Calendar for scheduled dates we have off so you can enjoy your vacation without missing school! Click on the link below to access our calendar on our website and happy planning!
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Help ALL Brickies Get A Lunch!

Help Hobart High School students who don't always have the means to eat a lunch by donating to the "Brickie Lunch Box"! This new program will help ensure all student's are eating lunch & getting the nutrients & energy needed to be a successful Brickie.

Here Comes The Bus App

Many of our parents and students take advantage of the Here Comes The Bus App and with it's new improvements, it is better than ever! You can view in real-time the location of your student's bus, when and where your child boards or exits the bus, receive notifications when the bus is near, and be able to do this all on your smartphone, tablet or computer! Visit the link below for the easy step-by-step directions and take the worry away!
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Human Growth and Development Parent Meeting

Monday, April 9th, 6pm

Hobart High School Board Room

We know that parents like to support their children as they learn about human growth and development, but often find it is hard to initiate conversations on the topic. Therefore, the parents of all 4th and 5th grade students are invited to come to a Parent Information Night to learn about the classroom instruction, and to find out ways to help your child through further discussion at home.

Makers and Innovators Showcase

Wednesday, April 11th, 6pm

Hobart High School Fieldhouse

Join us and our talent Brickies as they showcase their very own creations and inventions! IT is a wonderful event that give our students the confidence to think outside of the box and be an inventor, designer, backer, programmer, artist, and so much more! Starts at 6pm in the high school Fieldhouse. Please use door #18.

High School Talent Show

Thursday, April 12th, 7pm

Hobart HIgh School Theatre

Join us to watch the many talents of our Hobart High School Brickies! The show will be on TWO nights - April 12 and April 13.

KIndergarten Kick-off!

Monday, April 16th, 6-7:15pm

400 North Wilson Street

Hobart, IN

Prior to registration, come enjoy the Kindergarten Kickoff where you will meet the principal and teachers, tour the building, and participate in a scavenger hunt!

Liberty Elementary Daddy Daughter Dance

Friday, April 20th, 6pm

130 North Liberty Street

Hobart, IN

The perfect night to take the best date that you have, out on the town! Information will be coming home with your Liberty students.

Too Good for Drugs Graduation

Monday, April 30th, 6pm

Hobart High School

Congratulations to all of the 5th graders who took part in the Too Good for Drugs curriculum. This night is to celebrate your accomplishments!

Middle School Choir Concert

Tuesday, May 1st, 7pm

36 East 8th Street

Hobart, IN

Enjoy the last middle school choir concert of the 2017-2018 school year! Our students are working hard to give you their best performance yet!

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Dr. Peggy Buffington and Sarah Ramos

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