kamiyah myles


in edith hamilton mythology atalanta proves that she is brave and strong and this shows that she is the most signifigant greck godesnt.


atalanta was born and her father wanted a son but in which she was a girl her father took her to the tallest mountain and left her at the top of that mountain. he left her to die, but there came a bear this bear took her in as his own. She was raised to fight and hunt like one of the boys her father wanted but the bear did it all.then there came the boar where there was a beast was sent out and her and her brother would have to sat out and kill it the first to do so won and of corse alanta was the first. Her brothers where very mad so they sat out to kill atalanta but haer lover got to then first and saved her life.


for example alanta was left by her dad on a mountain and was found and rasied by baers grorw up well and strong.


"He decided that she was not worthy brining up and had the tiny creature left on a wild mountainside to die of cold and hunger.but as so often happens in stories animals proved kinder than humans a she bear took charge of her nursed her and kept her warm and the baby grew up thus into an active daring little girl."(hamilton 181)


this shows that atalanta is strong because after she was betrayed by her father she still grow strong and healthy. she is brave because after her family problems she stud up to her brothers and fought them and won


lastly, atalanta shows she is the most signifigant greck godesnt by her strong and brave acts even tho she strugles in her personal life