Jydstrup Elementary Holiday Events

Come join us for a fun filled evening


Featuring students from the following classes will be performing:

1st - Riles, Saitta, Huseman

2nd - Shahid, Bivans, Jorgensen

3rd - Chester, Mrochinski,

4th - McCormick, Harner, Rothkoff

5th - Haner, Dwyer

Winter Musical Performance

Thursday, Dec 20th, 5-6pm

5150 Duneville Street

Las Vegas, NV

Come join us for our annual Holiday Choir Performance

Stay after and enjoy a movie with the family

A great event to get us all into the holiday spirit!

There will be a Spring Concert in which the remaining students will perform, giving all students an opportunity to perform.


Bring your family (parents must accompany children).

Grab some blankets and pillows and join us for a movie night!

Popcorn, licorice and hot chocolate will be sold for $1.00 each.

Hotdog and an orange for $1.50

Come out and enjoy a new holiday tradition!

The Polar Express Movie Night

Thursday, Dec 20th, 6pm

5150 Duneville Street

Las Vegas, NV