SPED Speak

February 2016

A Word from the Director of Special Services

Good Afternoon,

Wow, I can't believe we are more than half way thru the 2015-2016 school year. Time has flown by and I couldn't be more proud of the services all of you are providing to our students. While I could go on forever about the great things happening amongst our special services team, I have a great deal of information to share about the "180 Hour Rule" so will share just a few reminders and then move straight into information regarding the "180 Hour Rule".


  1. IEP Tasks: Please remember to send all IEP tasks to Alex.
  2. IEP Reminder: If you have a September IEP, please plan to complete it by May 13, 2016. It is my understanding that this has always been our practice and is very helpful to the teacher who will be the case manager the following year.
  3. IEP Progress Notes: Congratulations to everyone who has been completing progress notes! For those of you who haven't, please make sure these are completed as this is mandated by IDEA and I would be very disappointed if those files were pulled and that had not been completed.
  4. Extended School Year: Please turn in the ESY Documentation of Need worksheet to Melynda Kaifes no later then February 29th. For your convenience, the ESY Documentation of Need worksheet is attached.
  5. SPED Academy 2016-2017: I am excited to announce that we have scheduled August 1, 2016 from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. for next year's SPED Academy. Please mark this date on your calendar and more thrilling details to come later!



Each year, school districts are audited to determine if special education funds provided by the state of Kansas are being spent in accordance with state statutes, regulations, and guidelines. In particular, auditors must confirm that funds intended for the sole purpose of educating students with exceptionalities, are not being spent for general education purposes. In light of this, KSDE has asked all Directors of Special Education to require that staff members log time spent working solely with non-identified students.


Special education and related service personnel may provide direct services for the purpose of Child Find. What this means is that special education or related service personnel may be reimbursed for providing intense direct instruction for non-identified students for up to but not more than 180 cumulative hours per school year per staff member.


Special education staff may provide supports for non-identified students without jeopardizing funding for no more than 180 hours per school year per staff member. In order to track time spent providing direct services to non-identified peers, staff will be required to complete the attached log. Once a staff member has reached the 180 hour limit, all general education interventions should cease otherwise our funding will be jeopardized. When completing the attached log, I ask that staff estimate the time spent providing direct services to general education students from August to the present. I recognize the challenge with this request and apologize for the late notice given to us from KSDE. Finally, please understand that we have been told that we will be audited this year and that it is important that all certified staff providing services to non-identified students complete their individual logs dated from August thru the end of the year.


1. Save the attached 180 Hour Log (spreadsheet) to your desktop.

2. Click on the month you intend to log minutes within.

3. Enter on each line the date, minutes, and activity. It is important that you enter all time in minutes (i.e. 1 hour 30 minutes = 90 minutes), so that the spreadsheet formula can accurately calculate the total monthly minutes.

4. On the first of each month you will email your log to Janet Hopkins. Janet will be keeping all logs so we will have the proper documentation when the Auditor arrives over the summer.


Description of Activity

Applies to 180 Hours?

The special education staff member is working with one or a group of ALL non-identified SPED students in which data is being collected to determine whether or not the student(s) need to be evaluated for special education services.

* 180 Hour Rule DOES apply.

* Time must be logged.

The special education staff member is providing specially-designed instruction to student(s) identified for special education services AND non-identified student(s) who have not mastered the skill and/or content.

* 180 Hour Rule DOES NOT apply

* Time does not need to be logged.

The special education staff member is working within a co-teaching model in which both identified and non-identified students are being educated together.

* 180 Hour Rule DOES NOT apply as this would be considered incidental benefit.

* Time does not need to be logged.

The special education staff member is serving on the Student Improvement Team.

* 180 Hour Rule DOES NOT apply as this is considered an indirect service in which identified students could benefit from as well.

* Time does not need to be logged.

In closing, thank you for all you do and please don't hesitate to contact your Coordinator or I with any questions.

Have a Wonderful Four Day Weekend!

Lee A. Hanson