CLP Weekly Memo

Week of February 8 to February 12

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At CLP We Are Growing Leaders Every Day In Every Way!

Important Dates

2-9 Staff Meeting (for those administering TELPAS, you will be notified)
2-10 Lighthouse Team Meeting
2-11 Chick-Fil-A Night
2-12 Valentine's Parties
2-15 Professional Learning (Student holiday)

Upcoming Dates

2-16 4th and 5th grade Math teachers Investigations Training 8-12 @ CLP
2-18 Early Voting begins at CLP
2-18 RHS Choir to perform at CLP 1:30
2-18 PTA Meeting and Kinder Program (meeting begins at 6:30)
2-23 Staff Meeting (this takes the place of a scheduled team leader meeting; all teaching staff needs to attend)
2-24 GO RED Day; Early Release Day
3-1 Primary Elections Day (Library closed this day for voting location)
3-1 CLP Hosts LIM Community Coaching Day
3-1 6th Grade Fine Arts Night
3-7 to 3-11 Spring Break
3-13 Daylight Savings Time Begins
3-15 Staff Meeting
3-22 Phil Warrick visits CLP for High Reliability Schools follow-up visit
3-22 Perot Science Night
3-23 Lighthouse Team Meeting
3-25 Good Friday Holiday
3-29 to 3-30 STAAR Testing (4th grade Writing and 5th Reading and Math)

Reminders (repeated information is in Italics)

  • Staff meeting tomorrow: This will be TELPAS training for those of your administering TELPAS. You will receive an email if you are supposed to attend.
  • Math and ELAR Interventionists: As many of you know we now have a Math Interventionist, Nip McIlwain. She is working primarily with 3-6 grades. We are in the process of hiring someone for ELAR intervention to start next week.
  • Counseling: Starting tomorrow we will have a counselor here part time on Tuesdays and Fridays. Jennifer Taylor will be starting tomorrow and will work through the rest of February and most of March. At that time Claudia Anderson will be here and work through the end of the school year. Jennifer Givens will be working closely with them to assist in supporting all of our students and families and their needs.
  • Feb 15th: This professional learning day will be a make-up day from our January campus day. We will be completing our Day 4 of Kagan. PK-6 teachers will attend the Kagan training. On the early release day you will have a make-up session for what you missed from the district professional learning day. If you are a specialist, SPED, etc. come and talk to me and we will work decide if you will attend the district day or the Kagan training.
  • Feb 23rd Staff Meeting: This day was originally supposed to be a team leader meeting. We need to review SST and RtI and will do this in a staff meeting on the 23rd. Only teaching staff needs to attend this meeting.
  • LIM Community Coaching Day: This is on the calendar for March 1. You do not need to do ANYTHING for this day. We are merely hosting some schools here in our coaching cadre from Rockwall and Tyler ISD. We will be utilizing some student leaders to conduct school tours so that we are able to share the things we did for leadership day, but you will not need to do anything in your classrooms. Leave everything up that you had up for last week.
  • Magnetic Clips on Doors- If you do not have a magnetic clip and have been unable to get one from a friend, please let Julie Woolly know and she will get one for you.
  • After School Dismissal- If you are sponsoring an after school activity (UIL, tutoring, arboretum, etc.) please make sure you are walking your students out and that all of your students are picked up. Please do not send them to the front unaccompanied as there may not always be someone there to help supervise.

Cullins Staff Members Being AWESOME!!

  • I am beyond proud of you and our students for all of your hard work to showcase our Leadership Day to our guests last week. It was AWESOME!!!! I saw Robin Corzine (our Covey consultant) at the Symposium on Wednesday and she told me that she heard such POSITIVE and GREAT comments from visiting our school. They were very impressed with you all and the things you have done to support our students. Our leadership day is DONE!!!!

  • Cynthia Johnson and Patrick McClendon: Thank you for all of your hard work with the Multicultural Night Celebration. We had 5 students representing 3 different countries as well as the choir singing. Thanks for your extra hours and time to make this event a success for our CLP students!!
  • Carrie Hartsell: Carrie also had her students complete a multicultural project researching their country of origin. This artwork was on display at the Multicultural Celebration. Take a look at this, it's hanging right near the foyer. Thanks Carrie!

Jill's Corner

Happy Monday Cullins Friends!

Well, in all the hustle and bustle of last week I did not realize until I sat down today to do the newsletter that I never did it last week. OH MY!!! I'm so sorry!!! This one may be a little lengthy.

Last week was very busy for everyone!!! Not to mention all the things we had going on at CLP, but many of you attended professional learning sessions with Dr. Warrick from the Marzano Group, LIM Symposium, Multi-Cultural Night. It was a busy week of learning and showcasing!!! Thanks for your patience and your positivity!!

It has been non-stop for me both professionally and personally since we came back to school from Christmas break. Last week and into the weekend Cynthia Johnson and I attended the National Title I conference in Houston. We learned many great things and have some great tools to share with you from this! This past weekend we spent taking Makenzie to rehearsals and enjoyed the RHS Broadway show Saturday night. It was great and lots of fun seeing some former CLP students on the stage as well!! Drill team competition season is heating up so that will keep us busy all week and weekend!!

I want to give a big shout out to all of you for all of the TIRELESS efforts you put in to making the day great EVERY SINGLE DAY for your students. When I start my day I am reminded of this quote:
"I am in charge of how I feel and today I choose happiness!"
It's not always easy to make yourself happy when you just don't want to be..... Because there are days that we feel overwhelmed and we just don't want to be happy!!! What makes me choose happiness is knowing that you are all here depending on ME to be happy FOR you!!! That's what gets me out of bed each morning and puts a smile on my face each day!! Your students feel the same way about you. Their mood and happiness depends on you. Make their days HAPPY!!

One more thing that I want to share that has both a personal message and I hope an inspirational one...... Over the years as a mom and a professional I have learned many things. The teenage years are VERY difficult (as many of you very well know). I have started a little thing with Makenzie that I want to share with you. As she navigates the challenges in her little life I have found that I need to give her some INTENTIONAL and daily affirmations of just the kind of person she is. Every morning I send her a text that says "You are stronger than you believe. You are smarter than you know." and then I always end it with something silly like "and doggone it people like you". So in taking my own quote I want to say to you as WE navigate this challenging spring semester in which we think there's not enough time, and don't know how we can seem to fit yet another minute in the day...... You are stronger than you believe. You are smarter than you know. And your dedication to your little people makes you AND your principal VERY PROUD.

I'm sure many of you have seen these funny videos, but I wanted to share one below from a fellow principal about PLCs.

Go out and BE AWESOME!!!