Spyotic Island

By: Paige, Kirstyn, Sydney, and Hailey

Sypotic Island

Have you ever been somewhere, where you can go sledding and surfing at the same place? You’ll never be bored at Sypotic Island. There is plenty to do for adventurous people.

If you are laid back, and want to lay in the sun on the way there you can ride on our world famous cruise ship. If you want adventure, you can go through the eye of the hurricane, but it only comes every two years.

Once you get here you can rent your own house to stay in. It costs $25 a night. You will not talk to any messaging machines, you will get to talk to a person, that will help you get settled in.

You can see the Extraordinary Pyramid. You can go to the Spy City (The capital), and Secret city. You can go in the mountains for a hike, or go to the best pizza place called Ninja Pizza Place. Or party at the celebration place. The Pacific Ocean is all around you. So that means that there is a lot of beaches, but there's also Tundra islands around our main island.

All of the people that live there are either spies, or ninjas they are really nice. The animals are really nice too. They are: Dogs (Bloodhound), polar bears, camels etc.

You'll have a spy of a time. We hope to see you soon!
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Paige, Sydney, Hailey, Kirstyn