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Devastating Robbery

Robbery at the Stanley Dry cleaners. The very innocent women that goes by the name of Sae Young, had a very devastating day on the 18th of April.

She was having a regular day working at the cash-register, until a suspicious man in all black, walked in. Making sure to check his surroundings.

Then all of a sudden decided to sprint towards her. Very violently pulled out money from the cash register while showing a gun. Unexpectedly pushed her down, and starts to beat her. Then he starts to kick her head into the wall and break her cheek bone, also then he realized she was passed out on the floor. It was very hard for Sae Young to recover from her very depressing loss.

picture caption: Suspect was captured and is in jail

Fantastic Fourth

Saturday, July 4th 1936 at 6:30-9:30pm

4800 Avenue drive

Ned is having this party because he just wanted to have a little fun with his favorite people.

Simply we will just sit around eating and watching pretty fireworks, while we just enjoy time with our friends and family.