by hayden williams

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Now to oil demand to go down what would could happen?

The oil demand would go down substantially if electricity wasn't being wasted?


1. The Federal banks to extend loans on housing

2. For houses being built to the best fitting the particular region cutting down on electricity.

3. Eating healthy

a. If people start eating healthier than they will be less fat

b. If people are less fat than car would carry less weight

c. If carries less weight than the car wouldn't have to work as hard

d. If doesn't have to work hard then it saves gas every time they use it.

4. The stop- start system which cuts off the engine when its at stop sign or in traffic which could save substantial amount of oil however it is included on most cars coming out now.

5. The keystone pipeline will provide the gasoline to provide for United States supply since it grew smaller after a few of these guidelines for better tomorrow ( 10 - 20 years)


a. Introduce solar sources during that time-slot through the time

b. The solar energy would primarily be hydroelectric and solar panels

7. Have congress set a date to ban the manufacture of cars that run on oil


a. congress have banned manufacturing of cars that use oil

b. A multiverse of cars from biofuels to electric

9. The time-slot of oil has ended and america is now oil free but there still is coal .


2. It is blended with the gasoline so we don't have to use more gas from middle eastern countries.Ethanois an alcohol-based fuel made by fermenting and distilling starch crops, such as corn which is a plentiful renewable source that is produced in mass amounts.


3. This Biofuel contains 40% more energy density than ethanol . This also chemically stable and is only made of fructose that goes through catalytic biomass to liquid process that also is 33% less energy then ethanol to produce. But since all of this energy that it can produce it is similar to gasoline that means its as toxic to touch.

Chocolate Extract car

4. In recent developments Warwick university built a car that could run at top speed of 145 mph . "The steering wheel is made of carrots, the bodywork crafted from potatoes, and it has a soybean seat. In addition, all lubrication is provided by plant-based oils and greases. It also includes a biodiesel power plant, which can operate off chocolate extracts or vegetable oil." the Geek.


All of this wondrous Fuels have the similar problems but the 1# is the coffee car since it is based off a feasible idea . Although these are just biofuels the stuff below is how we will reduce oil prices even more.