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Travel Information

How do I get there from Atlanta? :

You can go on an airplane.

How much is this going to cost me?

The ticket to go to savanna is 400 dollars and to come back trip.

Clothes that i need to pack? :

Some shorts because its really hot in the savanna.Sometimes it rains so you might also want a sweater or umbrella. You also want to bring some bug spray.You can also keep your distance from the animals they are dangerous but fun to look at because you don't see them everyday.Like you usually do for like birds and squirrels.

Types of transportation in Africa :





Pretty much anything but some of these stuff is rarely found in Africa.

Weather & Environment

The biome savanna is a place with tallish yellowish grass everywhere well most parts. With some trees and bushes. There you see lots of animals such as giraffes,kangaroos,lizards,lions & so much more.

What types of animals will I see at the savanna biome? :


Pine Trees

Palm Trees







How do plants and animals interact with each other?

Sometimes animals and plants help each other out. Sometimes the animals eat the plants.

What are 2 symbiotic relationships :

1. Ants and the acacia tree

2. The oxpecker eats the ticks of the zebra & the zebra gets pest control.

What are 2 Predator/Prey relationships? :

1. Lion eating zebra

2. Leoparders eat deers

Food web :

There is that yellowish green grass passes the energy to the zebra the zebra passes the energy to the lion.

Limiting Facotrs:

Some limtiing factors are water & good soil.

How do humans impact the ecosystem? :

We have some breeders that breed animals.

We also were the cause of some burned trees & grass.

Food Web In The Savanna

Endangereed Species

One of the endangered species is the Black Rhino, there are less than 3,200 in 2001.The Black Rhino is also one of the first endangered species in the world.They hunt them for there horns & sell them because some people believe its a type of medecine.Another endangered species is the African Elephant.They hunt them for there tusks meat & skin even though its illegal

Endangered Species In The Savanna