Education Reforms

By: Sarah Grippay

Physical Changes

Educational buildings are shifting and becoming more mobile! Schools all over the world are doing this and one particular one is in Stockholm, Sweden. We are allowing more freedom because classes and the building structures are changing.
Vittra Telefonplan (English subtitles) - Presented by Videobrigade
The school in Sweden, Vittra is only for pre-school and primary students, however we know that they will be better prepared for the world we are growing in, and as the video mentions, they still follow the Swedish curriculum, but they have a different learning environment compared to a traditional school, with classrooms and bells.
euronews learning world - Building the schools of tomorrow

Changing the Assessments and the Learning Curriculum

Standardized tests are not the way to go.. they don't teach you, and don't prepare you for today's world in the 21st century! Even teachers recognize this as the Seattle Boycott shows...
Salman Khan on Big Think

“Technology is rewiring young people’s brains.”

In 2013, we can find and google practically anything and find the answer, and most of us have some sort of device that has internet most of the time so there is no need to memorize words, dates, essays... We should focus more on the reasoning part of the brain that technology still hasn't been able to do for you!
The Effect of Technology on Teen Education

Students Want an Education Revolution NOT Reform

Educational Activists like Nikhil Goyal and Adora Svitak are both voicing their thoughts on this world whether they are speaking at TED Talks, schools, universities and so on.. you can get more info about them by following them on twitter- @nikhilgoya_l and @adorasv


RSA Animate - Changing Education Paradigms

"Ideas are worthless if you can't make them happen."