By Kevin and Kalen

The religon of Judaism

Judaism is one the three main religions of the Middle East. Yahweh is the only God they believe in. One of the common figures besides God is Abraham. The most common holy site is the Western Wall in Jerusalem. There are two holy books in the religion of Judaism which are Tanakh and Torah. Key beliefs in these holy books include prayer, Sabbath which is the holy day from Friday evening to Saturday eve, study Torah, follow gods laws (10 commandments), and justice emphasized; god considers all people equal. Practices and rituals that they follow include only eating Kosher foods-no pork, shellfish, or mixing of milk and meat products. They also make boys and girls mitzvah at the age 13 ;the boy or girl is now a full member of the congregation. Where do they learn all of this you ask? Well they worship and practice this stuff at a building called a synagogue. The person that leads their worship is called a rabbi, which means the teacher of Torah, guide. The most common sections in this religion are Orthodox, Conservative, and the Reformed . All these sections celebrate the same holidays . One of them is the Rosh Hashanah which is the new year when fasting starts. Another holiday that they have is called Yom Kippur which is when fasting ends. The Passover is another holiday that represents the Angel of Death which appeared in a story in the bible. The last main holiday that they celebrate is Hanukkah. Thanks for reading.
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