By: Bianca, Abbey, and Pattie

Robert Smalls

  • Bravery: Even though he knew he could die he decided to risk his life for freedom.
  • Persistence: Even when the Confederates started firing at the boat Smalls kept going with his plan.
  • Compassion: After he gained freedom he took care of his slave owner.
  • Intelligence: Robert Smalls was able to create an amazing plan to escape to the north.
  • Insurgent: He disguised himself as the captain and escaped to the north.
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Iron Man

  • Bravery: In the Avengers whenever they were in battle he directed the missile into the Space portal, even though he knew he would die.
  • Persistence: He knew that it would be hard to work with the other avengers to defeat Loki, but he didn't give up and fought successfully beside them.
  • Compassion:He saved his girlfriend's life.
  • Intelligence: He designed and built his own suit.
  • Insurgent: he doesn't always follow his agents orders and likes to do things his own way.
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