Mrs. O'Halloran's Second Grade

October 17th - 21st (MEA break)

Peek at Next Week

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Savage Firefighters teaching us about Fire Safety

Mrs. Yetzer reading us a CARES story about Cooperation


This week we continued to work on becoming better readers. We practiced monitoring our own reading to check for meaning as well as how to figure out words we may get stuck on. To monitor understanding of the story, readers can ask themselves, "What is going on so far?" or "What is happening in this part?" Below is a picture of a bookmark students received to help them tackle tricky words. These are strategies students can use at home as well.

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Word Work

Your student began word work last week. Students were grouped based on the spelling skills they need. Ask your kiddo who their teacher is for word work! We write down our words each week in our planner so you can see what words/spelling skills your student is currently working on. It is not required that you practice the words with your student since we spend each day in class studying/practicing our words.

Have your kiddo brush up on their adjective skills with the activity below!


We are wrapping up our weather unit this week in science. We talked about different types of clouds, we made our own windsocks, and we talked about severe weather. Ask your kiddo if they can identify the types of clouds in the sky today! Many of the students are fascinated with severe weather. There were several requests to watch videos of severe weather. Seeing as many students feel anxious about storms, I told them I would include a link to a cool tornado video here. Here is a link to a cool National Geographic tornado video you can watch with your student!

Next week, we will be finishing our weather unit with each student having the opportunity to be a meteorologist and film a 3 day forecast. Help you student gather props they may want to use for their video. (ex. rain coats, hats, mittens, sunglasses, etc.)