50's Freak Shows

By Claudia

How it Started, Who, When, Where, Why, How

Who- P.T Barnum started freaks shows.

When- In The 19th Century.

Where- In England and US.

Why- To help feel the disformed socially acceptable and entertainment.

How- P.T started looking for "freaks" and started tours around England and US.

Freak shows where also called "Side Shows" And they started increasingly becoming popular in the 1950's.

Top 10 Freak Show Acts

  1. Conjoinded twin brothers - Lazarus and Joannes Colloredo
  2. Feejee Mermaid - hallf monkey half fish
  3. General Tom Thumb - stopped growing at 6 months of age
  4. Zip The Pinhead - William Henry Johnson was born with a cone-shaped head.
  5. The Siamese Twins - Chang and Eng Siamese we're conjointed twins.
  6. The Tattooed Man - George Contentenus, first tattoed act in america.
  7. The Dog-Faced Boy - Born with hair covered face.
  8. The Black Scorpion - Clawed hands
  9. The Elephant Man - Deformed Man.
  10. Mr.Frank Lentini - 3 Legged Man
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Mr. frank Lentini

3 Legged Human


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